History of Bridgehaven Water System

Year Project Cost


Water system installed by developer (Puget Sound Exchange Corp.) $147,000
1979 Received well, tank, water mains, pipes, valves, and fire hydrants from Puget Sound Exchange Corp as result of law suit between PSEC and newly formed Bridgehaven Community Club. $1.00
1982 Installed four fire hydrants on North Beach Drive (paid by spit lot owners) 0
1985 Replaced washed out 6 inch main with 8 inch main and rerouted through Admirals Row lots   (paid for by Schoenfelt) 0
1985 Installed 8 inch main from Eagle View to Seattle Drive on Thorndyke Rd. (paid for by lot owners) 0
1985 Installed second pressure station and 8 inch main from Admirals Row through CPP, Deputy short plot, and Trails End lots down Dickey Street. (Paid by Schoenfelt - $41,713.41) 0
1989 Acquired 240 x 100 feet of property from Pope Resources for sanitary zone behind wells on Robin Lane.


1990 Installed well #2 (standby well) drilling, pipes, pumps, and motor. $18,515
1991 Installed 8 inch main from Blue Jay to Marina (Paid by Shold - Bid $41,173) 0
1991 Installed aerator system in water tank and four inch feeder line from pump house to tank. $12,700
1992 Installed 8 inch main from Seattle Drive to 90 degree turn on Thorndyke Road. (Paid by Pederson - Bid $63,246) 0
1995 Installed 8 inch main with valves and hydrants from Dickey and Blue Jay to South Beach Drive to North Beach Drive (Paid by Pederson - Bid $103,031) 0
1997 Upgrade Eagle View main from two inche to six inch pipe. $30,000
1998 Superior Court of Jefferson Co. Ruled in Bridgehaven's favor in trial over title to property that our water tank is located. legal fees est. at  $10,000
1999 New 400 amp service, 40 hp pump and motor, drop pipe, pump controller, phase converter, and transformer in pump house. $49,212.80
1999 Emergency generator and building. $15,000
2000 New water tank level floats with controller $750
2001 Installed missing fire hydrant on Thorndyke Road plus air valve relocation on Thorndyke Rd. Changed ten service lines to larger mains. $7200
2002 Replaced pump house plumbing (new iron pipe, couplings, valves and master flow meter). $6700
2004 Installed second water tank (156,000 gallons). $115,000
2004 Installed soft start on 40 hp well pump motor. $6000
2006 Poperty owner extended South Beach Drive four inch water main 300 ft. (paid by Ray Culver - bid $15,000) 0

Installed 950 feet of 8” PVC water main with 4” PRV station between Dickey St/Peabody Way intersection and Thorndyke Rd road main.


Installed 1200 feet of 6” PVC water main from Thorndyke Rd. down Olympia Street and north on Seattle Drive. (paid by B. Garten)


Replaced 2,400 feet of 4” AC pipe with 8” PVC pipe on North Beach Drive.


Replaced 1,300 feet of 4” water main with 8” PVC on Thorndyke Rd. from Eagle View Lane to Admirals Row.

2011 Replaced 2,400 feet of 4” PVC water main with 8” PVC on Robin Lane. $48,000
2011 Replaced 450 feet of 2” PVC water main with 6” PVC on Sparrow Lane. $20,000
2012 Replaced 600 feet of 2” PVC water main on Finch Lane with 750” of 6” PVC with intertie of 6” PVC water main running from Robin Lane to Thorndyke Road.  $42,000
2014 Upgraded non-standard water meter services to system standards. $13.000
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