Owner/Members "in good standing" here at Bridgehaven enjoy some nice "perks" including a well equipped Marina with a professionally built floating dock, moorage for 20 boats, with fresh water available at the moorage level, as well as at the upper deck area with its stainless steel fish cleaning station.


We do not have a "clubhouse", but we have our own large lighted pavilion/gazebo which is a covered picnic area with built in barbecue pits and several long picnic tables. Bridgehaven also pays for a sani-can on the Marina grounds for our convenience. There also is a little grassy area to the north of the Pavilion, and lots of room for parking and a cement boat launch ramp.


The Marina Pavilion is available for casual group gatherings for a spur of the moment picnic for Bridgehaven owner/members, when it is not being used by a member who has it reserved for that day. To reserve the pavilion, click on the "Reserve Pavilion" link on the calendar page and fill out the form. Be sure and check for the date you want to reserve by checking the calendar first to see if the date you want is still available. We just assume those reserving it want it for the whole day, but if you want it for only a few hours, you may be able to arrange it with the one who has it reserved. But remember, it's their call - if they do not want to "share the day" with another party, they are NOT required to do so.


People that live in Admiral's Row have an agreement with Bridgehaven to use the Pavilion if they request the date 90 days prior to that time.  This agreement was discussed and approved at the 2014 Annual Meeting.  


The webmaster, will receive your pavilion request and will add it to the calendar and email you with the confirmation.


Matt Maynard is our Marina Manager / Marina Administrator. Your questions and/or concerns regarding the Marina should be directed to him. Visit the Contacts page for the Marine Manager contact information.



A note form Rocky Point Oyster Company

A note was received from Rock Point Oyster Company. They own the tidelands north of the Bridgehaven Marina.

In short, we are welcome to walk on the beach, but since it is a commercial farming business, not a public beach, digging clams and/or taking oysters is not allowed.

If you bring your pet, do not allow them to go to the bathroom arond the oyster or clam beds as that will contaminate a harvest being raised for human consumption.

You can download and read the entire memo from the link below.


DOT Hood Canal Bridge
WA State Dept of Fisheries
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