We are in the process of updating the Bridgehaven directory and want to make sure we have your latest details.

Do you have a new name, email, phone number, spouse, or off-site address that needs to be revised or included? The last directory was issued in 2020, so use that as your guide for changes.

Please send any updates to by September 15, 2022. Updated directories will be ready for distribution later this month.



Note from Rock Point Oyster Company

A note was received from Rock Point Oyster Company. They own the tidelands north of the Bridgehaven Marina.

In short, we are welcome to walk on the beach, but since it is a commercial farming business, not a public beach, digging clams and/or taking oysters is not allowed.

If you bring your pet, do not allow them to go to the bathroom arond the oyster or clam beds as that will contaminate a harvest being raised for human consumption.

You can download and read the entire memo from the link below.


Rock Point Oyster Company memo
Adobe Acrobat document [318.9 KB]

Pressure Reducing Valves

Bridgehaven Water recently had an incident where a pressure relief valve at the Peabody/Dickey station failed. As most of you are aware, Bridgehaven has 2 water towers holding 252,000 gallons located on the highest point of Robin Lane. This results in substantial pressure at the mid level (Peabody, Dickey, Maxview, Blue Jay) and spit level areas.


This is a reminder that homeowners should have in place pressure reducing valves between the water meter and the residence to minimize the possibility of damage in the event of a sudden pressure increase.


From Jose Escalera, our water manager:


The valves can be found at any of the Big box stores such as Lowe’s/Home Depot. The prices range anywhere from $75-$200 per valve plus there will be other fittings needed for installation. All installations will need to be on the customer side of the meter.

Yes, there will be excavation needed between the meter and the house, which is where it’s recommended it be placed. Any certified plumber such as Coon plumbing, as an example, can install them. However it is not required. If a homeowner feels this is a project they are comfortable doing, it is certainly ok for them to install the valve on their own. Hope this answers your questions, feel free to reach out to me if there is anything else you might need.

Phone Directories

Fresh off the press are newly updated Bridgehaven members only phone directories.   The directories are being handed out to avoid postage expense so if you don’t live in Bridgehaven full time please contact us @ to reserve a copy for pick up at a later date.


Covid-19 information


From Deborah Reithmeyer, our Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (via the Bridgehaven Facebook page):


"Update on COVID-19 virus. Since I am an emergency trainer for the county and also Bridgehaven's emergency preparedness coordinator, I wanted to update you on the latest from the county. I just finished an hour-long conference call regarding COVID-19.


Here are some very current updates. JeffCo Dept. of Public Health director Dr. Tom Locke will be doing a briefing every Monday at the Board of Commissioners meeting. Please check the county's website for their agenda to see when he is speaking. You can watch it live or see a recording later.


Public Health now has a dedicated nurse line that you can call if you feel you are getting sick. That number is 360-344-3094. Public Health is also posting an update on their website daily at 11 am. That website is Also KPTZ, 91.9, our local radio station, is posting daily updates on their website,

Please check on your neighbors who are vulnerable, see what assistance you can offer (not in person), but most of all, stay home and stay healthy! I cannot express this enough, WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!"


Updated info from Jefferson County Public Health can be found here.

Bridgehaven Emergency Preparedness

Due to a move, Rod Mash can no longer provide the “Bridgehaven Emergency Communications” support for the Bridgehaven neighborhood which included using his licensed Amateur Radio capability to be a link to the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center.


The local emergency communications support  has also involved the initiation of a local low-powered, license-free network (using the FRS radios) within the neighborhood to facilitate emergency communications in the event of phone & cell system outages.


Fortunately, a local neighbor (Trail’s End on South Beach), Deb Reithmeyer, is very knowledgeable and involved in the Neighbor Preparedness effort (NPREP) with the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center.  She has volunteered to help support readiness for our Bridgehaven area.  Also, her husband, Ken, has been very involved in training and preparation as part of the DART program (Disaster Airlift Response Team) to assist in emergency helicopter and/or float plane evacuation and support.


Deb can also be available to provide information and training on emergency preparedness.


They can be reached by e-mail at: or by cell phone at 816-510-7055.  They will occasionally run tests using the FRS network.


The Amateur radio link needs to be reestablished.  If anyone is interested in becoming involved, there are classes available to obtain the basic, limited license authority needed (there is no Morse Code requirement) and the higher frequency hand-held radios and antenna are not very expensive.  Please contact Rod Mash at 360-351-0632 for more information.


Marina Gate

We have been having people who are using our Marina leave the gate open, and some who have left the gate/door at the entrance to the dock open as well.  

People have also noticed non-Bridgehaven members using the Marina facilities.  The whole marina area is off limits to any who are not members in good standing in the club.  

Some have tried to justify their presence down  there by saying they are a friend or relative of "so and so", who is a member in good standing.  The rule is that if you have guests who want to use the marina, then YOU  the BCCA member, must be physically present there too. 


Bridgehaven renters do not have marina priviledges.



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