DATE: MAY 11, 2024
TIME: 10 am until noon
WHERE: Bridgehaven Marina Pavilion on Southpoint Road

Please join our volunteer communications coordinator, George Gebert, for a very informative, hands-on workshop for learning how and when to use your FRS emergency radio.
Please bring your FRS radios with you so you can set the frequency for our neighborhood and learn the basics of how to operate it in an emergency. It literally could save your life and your neighbors!       

Water Meter Upgrades

The process of upgrading our water meters has begun. If you see someone on their hands and knees out by your meter don’t be alarmed.  The installation should only take ten minutes.  They will not knock on your door unless they see the water is running. This entire project should be completed by mid November.

Marina Gate

We have been having people who are using our Marina leave the gate open, and some who have left the gate/door at the entrance to the dock open as well.  

People have also noticed non-Bridgehaven members using the Marina facilities.  The whole marina area is off limits to any who are not members in good standing in the club.  

Some have tried to justify their presence down  there by saying they are a friend or relative of "so and so", who is a member in good standing.  The rule is that if you have guests who want to use the marina, then YOU  the BCCA member, must be physically present there too. 


Bridgehaven renters do not have marina priviledges.



Bridgehaven also has a Facebook page!  Join the "club" to keep up on what's going on!  



Check it out! Bridgehaven FaceBook Site

Since we are a small community and want to keep our "conversations" for our ears only, we set it up as what is called a "closed group".  That means that the only people that will be able to read or write posts are those who are BCCA Members.  When you post to the Bridgehaven FB page, members only will get notifications of the posts, and may reply.  If you would like to try it out, request membership there on the site.  Requests will be screened to make sure they are membrs of our community. Link above.


FYI - Confusion over "Login"

The "Login" link is used by the webmaster only to make changes to the website.  If you want to communicate with Bridgehaven members, please use the Bridgehaven FaceBook page.  Otherwise use the "Contacts" page to contact us directly via phone or email. Thanks!



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