Board of Directors:

President: Curt Schnaible
Vice President:  Carl Scott
Secretary: Julie Jackson
Treasurer: David Suveges
Member at large: Andy Lingle

2023 Board and Annual Meetings

All meetings will be held at the Marina Pavilion. Board meeting begin at 4 p.m. The Annual Meeting will begin at 11 a.m.


  • February 13, 2023 (Board)
  • April 17, 2023 (Board)
  • June 19, 2023 (Board)
  • August 14, 2023 (Board)
  • September 23, 2023 (Annual)

New Board Members

Congratulations to Bridgehaven’s newly elected Board members,  Andy Lingle and Dave Suveges.

Dave is our new Treasurer and Andy will serve as Member at Large.

Meeting minutes


Community Club Association


April 17, 2023



 Board Attendees:

Curt Schnaible, President

Carl Scott, Vice President/Architectural Committee Chair

Andy Lingle, Member-at-Large

Julie Jackson, Secretary


Additional Attendees

Bill Bryant and Joe Schwan (Water Utility Commissioners)

Tom Moore


President Curt Schnaible called the meeting to order.  Secretary Julie Jackson read the notes from the meeting on February 13, 2023.  The notes were approved with the correction that the pump house is on Bridgehaven’s property versus state land.




Joe Schwan discussed the relocation of Bridgehaven’s storage shed, which is on Jose’s “to do” list.  It was agreed that given the shed’s small size, a survey is not necessary.  Bill Bryant stated there is adequate property available to build the shed at the pump house but not enough by the towers.  It was agreed that the pump house location is the best choice.


Joe inquired what was needed to get the project underway.   Curt stated that Carl planned to pour a slab and build the shed, and that there are no issues with existing property lines. 


Joe suggested two sheds, but Curt indicated one big one would be sufficient to house the contents of the existing shed as well as Bridgehaven’s emergency management materials currently stored elsewhere.  He also stated that building the new shed should be priority #1.


Carl Scott proposed the following erection sequence:  clear the area with a backhoe, level the site, then erect the forms.  It was agreed that pipe storage racks be installed on the side of the shed.




Joe Schwan stated that Bridgehaven’s fire hydrants are traditionally flushed once a year and that it had been a while since it was done.  Per Curt, when Steve came on board, he indicated they did not need to be flushed annually but agreed that it is probably needed.


It was noted that a blue reflector should be in the middle of the road indicating the location of each fire hydrant so they can be readily found during an emergency (although they often get ripped off by snowplows).  Per Bill Bryant, there are at least nine fire hydrants in the Bridgehaven community.




In Treasurer Marilyn Bryant’s absence, Bill Bryant read the treasurer’s report.  The HOA currently has $1.148,000 in the bank, the marina spots are all full for an annual income of $11,700, and there has been $13,900 generated by new water hookups.






Curt asked if an annual marina cleanup day was needed.  Carl recommended that the boat launch be cleaned and stated he will provide the needed equipment (for scraping and pressure washing). Curt stated that he and Carl will perform the cleanup as soon as the weather allows.  Carl stated he would also build a new fire pit.


There being no further business for discussion, the meeting was adjourned. These meeting minutes summarize discussions to the best of President Schnaible’s recollection.


Submitted by:


Curt Schnaible

Bridgehaven President



Community Club Association


February 13, 2023


 Board Attendees:

Curt Schnaible, President

Carl Scott, Vice President/Architectural Committee Chair

David Suveges, Treasurer (via telephone)

Andy Lingle, Member-at-Large

Julie Jackson, Secretary

Additional Attendees:  Deb Reithmeyer (Emergency Preparedness Coordinator),

Marilyn Bryant (Assistant Treasurer), Jose Escalera (Water Utility Manager),

 Bill Bryant and Joe Schwan (Water Utility Commissioners), Don Williams



President Curt Schnaible called the meeting to order.




Guest presenter Deb Reithmeyer indicated that she is in the process of scheduling CPR training at Bridgehaven, which is due and has been requested by residents.  The training will probably be scheduled in March, and Deb will notify Julie of the date once determined.


Deb is also planning a “paper training” in April, covering everything to do with the paper part of emergency planning, such as wills, powers of attorney, financial and insurance documents, etc.  The training will be similar in format to the “Go Bag” training held last fall.  Deb will notify Julie once the training date is set.




Matt Maynard did not attend the meeting but told Curt there were no needs re the marina and that capacity is three short this year.


Joe Schwan stated it is hard for him to clearly hear conversations in the marina Pavilion Building, he believes due to sound being reflected off the cement floor and cathedral ceiling.  He suggested a flat ceiling be installed to improve the situation.  Other improvements suggested include extending the Pavilion building for more space and adding locks to the sliding doors to increase security.  It was agreed that locks be installed that are keyed the same as the padlock on the marina gate.


The Board approved $5,000 to purchase rock for the marina.





The State is requiring that Bridgehaven’s storage shed be moved from its location on State land.  The shed contains Bridgehaven records and historical documents, as well as emergency documentation/items.  A replacement shed will be installed north of the pump house on the lot that also houses the water tank.  The existing shed will be removed in April, the lot cleared, and a new 10- by 14-foot heated shed installed, surrounded by a razor-wire topped fencing that connects to the existing fence.  A $10,000 budget is available, having been previously established and set aside.  The existing trail through the lot will be left as is for walkers.






Joe Schwan reported that installation continues of a fiberboard bulkhead along a backside slough lot in Bridgehaven.  The work is being required by the County, and Joe is monitoring the impact of the pounded installation on the Townsend’s adjacent house/lot, as they are out of town. A permit was issued, and no structural problems are anticipated.




Marilyn Bryant provided a written Treasurer’s report.  All residents are paid to date, and Bridgehaven has zero Accounts Receivables pending for 2022. 


Per Marilyn, there is currently $360,000 in the General Fund reserves.  Dave Suveges researched amounts and types of CDs available for investment of accumulated funds.  After investigating Liberty Bank’s rates and noting a significant rate jump in the 12- to 18-month CDs, Dave recommended, and the Board voted and approved, an investment of $300,000 of accumulated General Funds into three $100,000 12- to 18-month CDs.  The Board also voted and approved an investment of $300,000 of accumulated Water Funds in the form of three $100,000 12- to 18-month CDs. 




Jose Escalera reported on water system work currently underway, indicating that overall things are in good shape.  A discussion was held about why multiple water meters recently failed at the same time.  Per Jose, it is usually the bottom plates of the meters that give way over time, and these were older units.


Jose also stated that there is currently a shortage of water meters, parts, etc., due to the COVID situation.  He has required parts in hand and 12 meters on backorder, and he is also going to order 10 meters of a different brand which should work with Bridgehaven’s system. 


It was suggested that an annual notice be issued reminding residents to have a pressure-reducing valve at their house, which is typically installed immediately in front of the water meter. 


There being no further business for discussion, the meeting was adjourned by President Curt Schnaible.



These meeting minutes summarize discussions to the best of President Schnaible’s recollection.


Submitted by:

Curt Schnaible, Bridgehaven President



Community Club Association


September 24, 2022



Curt Schnaible, President

Carl Scott, Vice President/Architectural Committee Chair

Carolyn Brotherton, Treasurer

Marilyn Bryant, Assistant Treasurer

Julie Jackson, Secretary

 25+ Bridgehaven residents



President Curt Schnaible called the meeting to order and introduced the Board members in attendance.




Deb Reithmeyer, BCCA’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, discussed the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) emergency training drill held at Jefferson County Airport on June 18, 2022.  BCCA residents Bill and Marilyn Bryant participated in the drill, as did Jefferson County’s volunteer group (VECOM) and George Geber, BCCA’s Communication Specialist.  The 11-hour drill simulated a food drop following a disaster, with over 1,300 pounds of food and supplies unloaded from 13 airplanes (the food was later donated to a local food bank).  Since Bridgehaven is a county-designated Community Point of Distribution, we must participate to keep our skills and knowledge up to date.


Additional points made by Deb:


  • Fall is a good time to change smoke alarm batteries and clean HVAC systems and dryer vents.
  • All residents should know the location of the electrical and water shutoffs in their house.
  • Neighborhood block captains will be mapping the locations of propane shutoff valves and water shutoff mains for all BCCA properties.  Deb will be responsible for the final map, for use only in a disaster.
  • All residents are invited to attend an Emergency Preparedness Training event on Saturday, October 8, at 11:00 a.m. in the Marina Pavilion.   The training will cover “Grab & Go” bags and emergency kits for vehicles and pets.
  • Volunteers are always needed—on the spit, up above, and in between—for neighborhood block captains.  Block captains (preferably full-time BCCA residents) serve as the “eyes and ears” on the ground for Deb and George.
  • COVID is on the uptick again, so please get boosted as soon as possible.


George discussed BCCA’s emergency communications system.  One of George’s responsibilities is to report to the EOC the status of our neighborhood during a disaster event.  He will be attending the “Great Shakeout” simulated exercise on October 20, 2022, and requests that block captains and residents with FRS radios help him gather data for this simulation.  If interested, message George on Facebook or come to the meeting on October 8.  Also contact George If you would like training/retraining on your FRS radio.




Matt Maynard gave a brief report on the marina, stating that Bridgehaven has 20 boat slips, 9 of which are 30 feet and 11 of which are 20 feet, with annual fees of $600 and $550, respectively.  There are currently three 20-foot slips available.

Matt stated that while some BCCA residents on the hill see the marina as a benefit primarily for residents on the spit, only 2 residents from the spit are renters at the marina; the rest come from the hill.  The marina also adds to property values both on the spit and the hill.




Jose Escalera, BCCA’s Water Manager, reported that there are 227 active water connections on Bridgehaven’s system.  He stated that quite a bit of water testing was done during 2022, all with good results.  The water system and telemetry are also working great, but there is currently a delay getting parts for new connections (5 of which are pending).




Carl Scott gave BCCA’s architectural report, stating that 4 new houses are currently being built on the hill, with 1 almost complete, 2 started, and others awaiting permits.  Only one property on the spit is under construction (with one awaiting a permit). The County permitting system is responsible for the delays.  BCCA currently has 9 requests for water connections, which are all awaiting parts.  Jose indicated that some manufacturers are 30 weeks out on supplies.




Carolyn Brotherton gave a brief Treasurer’s report, reviewing the BCCA financial documents recently mailed to all residents.




Susan Kriegel asked if a new path could be provided to the Marina Pavilion building for those who use walkers/wheelchairs.  Curt responded that a new path is already on the Board’s agenda.


Nancy Schulberg asked about the “tiny house” business on the hill.  Carl Scott stated that it is not a business, but rather a tiny house for sale by the property owner.


Board election candidate Andy Lingle was introduced.  The other two current Board candidates, Ryan Eggers and David Suveges, were not in attendance.


Curt indicated that a BCCA “Insurance Commissioner” position is currently available.  Bill Bryant has been filling the role for years but would like to retire.  The position is responsible for gathering, reviewing, and recommending insurance packages for BCCA.  Anyone interested should contact a Board member.


In response to a question on dredging status, Curt stated that the Board believes hiring attorneys to help with the complex situation will be the best solution, and he has been talking to other local HOAs in that regard. Carl said the marina is currently fine from a dredging perspective.


Barbara Bennett briefly explained the “Let’s Go Washington” campaign, which promotes 11 initiatives currently under consideration.  Anyone wanting more information should contact Barbara.


The meeting was adjourned, and refreshments offered.


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Jackson, Secretary






Community Club Association


August 21, 2022



Curt Schnaible, BCCA President

Carl Scott, BCCA Vice President/Architectural Committee Chair

Carolyn Brotherton, Treasurer

David Suveges, BCCA Member-at-Large

Julie Jackson, BCCA Secretary

Bill and Marilyn Bryant




President Curt Schnaible called the meeting to order.




The Board discussed and approved the proposed budget for 2023, including the reserve amounts indicated.


Unbudgeted monies from new water hookups of $48,500 from BCCA’s Water checking account will be transferred to the BCCA Water Reserve account for Capital Improvements.  The BCCA Board approved the Proposed Water Reserve/Reapportionment from the Water Commissioners and transfer of monies for FYE
11-30-22.  See the attached “Revision of Water Reserves” schedule.




  • It was noted that there are currently three unassigned spots at the marina.


  • A discussion was held about the public slip at the end of the marina dock and how boats moored there can limit maneuverability of boats entering/exiting the marina.  It was agreed that the public slip/cleat would be moved to another location on the dock.




  • Carolyn Brotherton announced she is resigning her position as Treasurer, creating an opening on the Board in the upcoming election.  Curt thanked Carolyn for the significant contributions she has made to the community over the years.


  • Ryan Eggers, Andy Lindle, and David Suveges have volunteered as candidates for the upcoming Board election.


  • Election ballots will be distributed to Bridgehaven members by no later than September 10, 2022.


The meeting was adjourned.



Community Club Association


July 13, 2022



Curt Schnaible, BCCA President

Carl Scott, BCCA Vice President/Architectural Committee Chair

Joe Schwan, BCCA Water Utility Commissioner

Matt Maynard, BCCA Marina Manager

David Suveges, BCCA Member-at-Large

Julie Jackson, BCCA Secretary

Bill and Marilyn Bryant




Curt Schnaible called the meeting to order, and Julie Jackson read the minutes from the Board meeting on May 18, 2022.  The minutes were unanimously approved by the Board.




Per Joe Schwan:


  • Bridgehaven’s water system came back online as designed following a recent power outage.  The system remains healthy with good testing reports.
  • A recent discussion with an owner on Linda Lane regarding the interface of a property easement with Bridgehaven’s water system went well.
  • Joe will ask Bridgehaven Water Utility Manager Jose Escalara to find out if the County will take partial responsibility/share costs for changes to/maintenance on Linda Lane since County lines run through that street.
  • Bridgehaven should assess/consider future needs/failure possibilities on Linda Lane and Peabody to anticipate versus react.
  • Bridgehaven Water Utility Commissioner Jess Morris will likely move soon, and Joe and Jose will explore options for his replacement.
  • Seattle Drive has been surveyed, and Jose is looking for a new engineer to “connect the dots” regarding adjacent street interface.
  • There has been discussion about purchasing a larger generator that monitors itself, comes back on-line automatically, and has the capacity to run both the small and large water pumps (which the existing generator cannot do).
  • In response to last meeting’s discussion of increasing storage at the water towers, Carl Scott recommended installation of a container at the location.  Curt thinks a better solution is to use the existing shed at that location with a fence isolating it from the restricted area around the towers.


Per Marilyn Bryant, out of 225 water meters connected to Bridgehaven’s water system, 85 are for properties not part of Bridgehaven’s Community Club Association.




  • Matt Maynard will obtain an outside estimate to repair/replace designated finger piers.
  • Matt will inquire about the option of installing hinges to counteract a hardpan bump/other issues under the main pier.
  • Matt/Carl will talk with other nearby homeowner communities about their approach to dock maintenance/repairs.


  • Curt stated that the date of Bridgehaven’s annual meeting has changed to September 24, 2022, and it will be held in the marina pavilion. 
  • Marilyn indicated that organization of Bridgehaven’s summer picnic is on track for Saturday,
    August 20, 2022.




Curt indicated that two openings need to be filled by residents from up on the hill.  David Suveges has volunteered for one, so one more candidate is needed. 




Marilyn stated there is $75,000 in Bridgehaven’s reserves.  It was agreed that part will be assigned to Officer compensation with the remainder earmarked for dredging ($35K) and “marina expenses” (anticipating replacement of one finger pier each year).


The meeting was adjourned.

Community Club Association
May 18, 2022



Curt Schnaible, BCCA President
Carl Scott, BCCA Vice President/Architectural Committee Chair
David Suveges, BCCA Member-at-Large
Jose Escalera, BCCA Water Utility Manager
Diana Schnaible, BCCA Architectural Committee
Julie Jackson, BCCA Secretary

Bill and Marilyn Bryant
Tom Moore


President Curt Schnaible called the meeting to order, and Secretary Julie Jackson read the minutes from the Board meeting on March 15, 2022. The minutes were unanimously approved by the Board.

1. MARINA UPDATE (as Marina Manager Matt Maynard was not in attendance, Curt led the discussion)

a. Upcoming Safety Repairs – Curt discussed upcoming marina safety repairs, including replacement of missing dock ramp slats, reinforcement of areas with weakened/decaying wood, and elimination of partially exposed screws. Curt indicated that installation of marina security cameras and a height
increase of the barbed wire topping the marina fence will be done by him and Vice President Carl Scott in the near future.

b. Marina Dredging – Attending resident Tom Moore inquired about the status of marina dredging, which led to an extensive discussion of past dredging efforts and the time/expense Bridgehaven has spent trying to resolve the issue over the years. Each effort has involved expensive engineering studies and permitting, but limited (if any) lasting improvements. Dredging has been successful only in the short-term, as tidal movements quickly redeposit dredged materials.

The last dredging at Bridgehaven occurred in 2009. At that time, the dredged materials had to be barged a distance away, and individual blades of eel grass had to be counted in specified locations to avoid habitat disturbance. The permit allowed dredging in the back channel, by the dock, and 300
feet out, but nothing outside the bulkhead.

It was discussed that we need to find an attorney or professional to address obtaining a maintenance permit, such as that secured by Cape George and Driftwood Keys. A maintenance permit does not require reanalysis/repermitting for each individual dredging event. Carl noted that the 2009 dredging was done under such a permit, but the 5-year follow-up dredging never occurred.

It was agreed that Curt and Carl will research who to talk to about the maintenance permit process. While the process might involve hiring an attorney, the results should be worth it. Marilyn Bryant said Bridgehaven currently has $293,000 available in dredging funds.

2. COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE – A question was asked again about a Bridgehaven summer garage sale, and Curt reiterated that the Board will not be involved with nor sponsor such a sale this year due to past and ever-increasing issues with security and thefts in the neighborhood. It was further
suggested that Ken Kestor be asked if he can add a camera system on Thorndyke to counteract security issues in general.

3. TREASURER’S REPORT – Marilyn Bryant presented a brief Treasurer’s report, stating that $8,000 is owed in accounts receivables from one of the home builders at Bridgehaven. She stated that out of 226 water meters and 204 lots, monies are due for just 14 meters and 6 lots (which is typical this time of year). A discussion was held regarding collection options, particularly from the builder.

4. WATER SYSTEMS REPORT – Jose Escalera gave a summary of activities relating to Bridgehaven’s water systems:

a. It is now required that the existing Bridgehaven storage shed located within the chain-link-fenced area surrounding Bridgehaven’s water towers and pumphouse be moved for security reasons, and Curt and Carl have been exploring relocation options. Jose stated that he is the only Bridgehaven
member with authority to access the fenced area (even Bridgehaven Board members are not allowed inside), and that an inspection of the property was just completed. One shed “relocation” possibility would be to add a second fence separating the shed into its own parcel while keeping the towers and
pumphouse independently secured. Bridgehaven owns enough property surrounding the currently fenced area to allow reconfiguration into two separately fenced parcels. Since there is no immediate deadline, Jose will provide a report from the recently completed inspection/survey for future

b. Jose provided an extensive update on future installs, expansions, connections, borings, costs, revenues, etc. Jose’s approach in current times is to pre-order parts required for all expected work to avoid ongoing and future cost increases.

c. Marilyn Bryant stated that $42,000 has been collected in 2022 from new water connections. She also asked if anyone was going to trim around Bridgehaven’s fire hydrants. Jose said he has a meeting scheduled with the Fire Department and will ask about the issue.

5. COMMUNITY SUMMER PICNIC: Marilyn Bryant expressed a desire to have a Bridgehaven summer picnic and said that she is willing to plan the event. She asked if the Board would be willing to pay for hot dogs and hamburgers, with side dishes provided by attendees. The Board agreed, and a date of August
20, 2022, was selected.

The meeting was adjourned.

Community Club Association
March 15, 2022


Curt Schnaible, BCCA President
Carl Scott, BCCA Vice President/Architectural Committee Chair
Carolyn Brotherton, BCCA Treasurer/Architectural Committee
David Suveges, BCCA Member-at-Large
Deb Reithmeyer, BCCA Emergency Communications/Preparedness
Joe Schwann, BCCA Water Utility Commissioner
Jose Escalera, BCCA Water Utility Manager
Matt Maynard, BCCA Marina Manager
Diana Schnaible, BCCA Architectural Committee
Julie Jackson, BCCA Secretary
Marilyn and Bill Bryant
Andy Lingle
Barbara and David Nelson
Dan Brotherton
Catherine Wright
Curt Schnaible called the meeting to order and welcomed new BCCA Board members and attending residents.

Emergency Communications/Preparedness Plan Update (Deb Reithmeyer)

– Deb stated that Bridgehaven’s population is aging, and she is always available to answer questions or refer residents to safety resources.
– There is a VERY low snowpack in the mountains this year, which means Bridgehaven will be at a very high level for wildfires in 2022. All residents should have their “Go Bags” packed and ready to grab in a 5 to 15-minute window. This year, a wildfire will be much more likely at Bridgehaven than anearthquake.
– Deb recommended that emergency storage units be located throughout Bridgehaven, e.g., on the spit, at mid-level, and on the hill. If emergency storage is provided, then Bridgehaven could become a Community Point of Distribution (CPOD) with approval from the Jefferson County Department of
Emergency Management. As such, Bridgehaven would be at the top of the list for receiving emergency supplies following a disaster.
– Curt said that the Board is already working on a new Bridgehaven storage unit.
– Deb indicated that BCCA needs more people trained for emergency/disaster events.
– George Gebert is Bridgehaven’s radio communications specialist. He will be able to communicate if other systems are down during an emergency.
– Deb’s suggested that once the storage building is ready to house emergency supplies, Bridgehaven’s monthly Happy Hour gatherings could be used as a method of collection, i.e., attendees could each bring an emergency item. Deb will make a list of needed emergency supplies (to be posted on
Bridgehaven.net), and a notice will also be posted once sufficient storage is available for collection.
– CPR training was last done 2 years ago, and Deb is happy to do any additional training requested, e.g., items needed in “Grab-n-Go” bags, etc. If interested, contact her directly.
– Curt stated that the Board will determine the neighborhood location(s) for emergency storage.
– Later in the meeting, Deb suggested that a Bridgehaven resident be designated to coordinate/document triage efforts in the event of an emergency. Deb currently maintains a listing of Bridgehaven households
that possess emergency equipment (e.g., chainsaw, generator, etc.), which she will share with the designated triage person in the event of a disaster.

Treasurer’s Report (Carolyn Brotherton):


Carolyn presented on BCCA’s current financial standing. The
outlook is good, with significant positive income in 2021.

Water Systems Report (Joe Schwann and Jose Escalera):


It was reported that Bridgehaven’s water systems are working well, with all samples testing normal. A question was asked if electronic meters were still under consideration, and it was reported that the idea has been tabled until other potential water system expansion issues have been resolved (including multiple new houses in the works). Discussions will continue at monthly
water meetings.


Marina Updates (Matt Maynard):


Matt reported that the faucet by boat launch was broken, and that Curt
and Carl repaired the underground line and installed a new faucet. There is also a PVC split in the landing area which Matt will fix. Matt proposed changing the current marina year-to-year billing cycle relative to new
slip rentals to optimize cash flow. A pro-rated system will be developed to address the issue. Currently, one 30-foot and four 20-foot slips are available.


Architectural Committee Updates:


Carl Scott reported that seven new houses are in the works or underway,
with several awaiting permits. Some runoff issues have been reported and resolved. Andy Lingle (Bridgehaven’s mail carrier) is designing a new house in Bridgehaven and requested clarification on input related to the design. Carl stated that design approval will be based on Bridgehaven’s guidelines and
covenants and not the aesthetic opinions of neighbors.

A question was asked if power could be provided at the marina for use by boat owners. Carl and Curt agreed the addition was a good idea and will be pursued.

A discussion was held regarding security cameras at the marina to discourage trespassing and address recent incidents. It was decided that locks will be provided on the marina pavilion and that the barbed wire around the sides of the marina will be raised.


Future BCCA Meeting Dates:


The following meeting dates for 2022 were established and will be posted on Bridgehaven.net:


2nd Quarter – Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 4:00 p.m.
3rd Quarter/Budget – Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 4:00 p.m.
4th Quarter/Annual – Saturday, September 17, 2022, 11:00 a.m.


Miscellaneous Topics:


Requests were made that a community summer picnic, garage sale, and bingo gatherings be held at Bridgehaven during 2022. Diana Schnaible reported that she and Julie Jackson have community bingo events in the works.

Due to thefts connected with previous Bridgehaven garage sales, it was suggested that individuals hold their own garage sales or that a group sale be held in the marina pavilion.
It was also noted that security cameras are now very affordable, and if individual homeowners added more throughout the neighborhood it could help minimize theft. Curt will also find out what would be required to add a security camera to an existing weather station.
Bill Bryant suggested that the bank issue by the marina be resolved through discussion with the neighboring property owners.
After discussion with Catherine Wright, it was agreed that Secretary Julie Jackson will assume update and distribution of Bridgehaven’s neighborhood directory. Any pending updates should be directed to Julie.


The meeting was adjourned.


Access minutes from past Board Meetings here.

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