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The following information will introduce you to the Bridgehaven Water System.


The community water system consists of two wells located at 115 Robin Lane. Both wells are 400 feet deep. Well number one (the primary well) can pump 254 gallons per minute. Well number two (45 feet to the south of well number one) is the standby well and can pump 55 gallons per minute. Both wells feed our storage tanks with a capacity of 252,000 gallons. As the water enters the top of the tank it is aerated thru three sprinkler heads. This enables the natural occurring hydrogen sulfide gas to leach out of the water (sulfur smell). This is the only treatment of our water. Occasionally it is necessary to disinfect the system with chorine when a bacteria event occurs.


The water is delivered from the tank to the community thru approximately 6.5 miles of water mains (two to eight inches in diameter). Our water service area runs from Admirals Row south to the 90-degree turn in Thorndyke Rd. and from the marina south to the end of South Point Rd. Currently, our system serves 216 homes with a population of approximately 500 people


Our water is tested twice each month for bacteria. If bacteria is present further tests are required. Other tests are required periodically by state and federal regulations.


The manager is required to issue a report to all customers every June stating all water sampling and results done the previous year. This is usually combined with the annual BRIDGEHAVEN WATER WAYS newsletter.


Current Water Utility Commissioners:  Joe Schwan, Stan Kriegel and Jess Morris.

Water Utility Manager: Jose Escalera.




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