Previous Board Meetings (2015-2018)

Bridgehaven Board Meeting

September 5, 2018


President Blake Egenes called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.  The meeting was held in the pavilion at the Bridgehaven Marina.


Blake welcomed everyone at the meeting.  Board members in attendance were:  President Blake Egenes, Vice President David Wilson, Secretary Nancy Schulberg, Member at Large Charles Thomas.  Also in attendance were  Cathy Wright, Bruce Jakola, Dave Mathis, Curt Thomson and Tom Moore.


Secretary Nancy Schulberg read the minutes from the last meeting, June 5, 2018.  Blake Egenes moved that the minutes be approved.  Motion was seconded, minutes were approved.


Blake asked Dave Mathis if there was anything new for the water business.  Dave gave a water report. 


He reported a week after our last annual meeting he had to chlorinate our water system because of contamination of bacteria.  The bacteria was traced back to the old water tank.  He stated that a hatch has been deteriorating and should be replaced. He had a contractor come out to replace the hatch.  Dave was able to be there at the time the repair work was done.  The hatch was not replaced.  A larger hatch was installed around the existing one.  Dave was able to reach up into the hatch area and remove a lot of the existing rust.  He also stated that the joint between the walls and the lid are deteriorating.  Suggestions were made to paint the interior of the tank or put in a new liner.  Dave was not in favor of any of these type of fixes.  Dave had divers come and clean the tank.    Dave stated that the tank could be fixed if he could find a qualified person to come out and do what needs to be done.  Dave Wilson suggested we purchase a new water tank.  Dave agreed yes, at some time, the tank will need to be replaced.

In July Bridgehaven signed a contract with NPI to redo the Blue Jay pressure station. 


Nancy Schulberg brought up for discussion that at some point we will also need to replace the boat ramp at the marina.  Members agreed but it was stated that a new ramp is not a high priority at this time.


Nancy was asked by Jan Thomson to get permission to move the firepit and picnic area to the south area of the pavilion and do some landscaping.  Permission was granted.  Jan also asked to have a work party date set to clean out the ditch going down the spit.  A work party date will be set after the blackberry vines and other debris are cut from the sides of the road.  This will be happening on Monday September 10th.  Thank you Dale Flodin for doing this work.


Dave Wilson is working on Bridgehaven purchasing our own dredger for the marina.


Cathy Wright asked about any progress on the revamping of the new covenants.  Blake stated that he has not heard anything from the members on that committee.  Bruce Jako who is on the committee and who was also in attendance stated that the committee has only met once since August.  They are waiting on Don Williams to set the next meeting.


We are still looking for a marina manager.


Blake made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Nancy seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.


Bridgehaven Community Club Association Meeting

June 15, 2018


Treasurer Andy Koosman called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was held in the gazebo at the Bridgehaven Marina.


Andy welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced new board members who were voted in at the annual meeting which was held on Saturday June 9, 2018.


Board members in attendance: Andy Koosman - treasurer/secretary, Nancy Schulberg - vice president, Blake Egenes, David Wilson, and Charles Thomas.  Also in attendance were Curt Thomson and Jan Thomson.


A discussion was held in regards to Mike and Sariya Edwards doing bulkhead work to their property and using Bridgehaven’s boat ramp.  Nancy Schulberg informed the board that she had already spoke to the Edwards and they stated that they would not be using the boat ramp.  Andy Koosman was going to follow up with a phone call to the Edwards.


Our next annual meeting is set for June 8, 2019 at the Port Ludlow Fire Station, time 12:00 p.m.


Contact information for Bridgehaven Board Members:

 President:                   Blake Egenes - 206-915-2165

Vice President:            David Wilson -  360-316-4637

Treasurer:                   Andy Koosman - 360-774-1048

Secretary:                   Nancy Schulberg - 360-302-0317

Member at Large:       Charles Thomas - 916-783-6119 or 916-204-3982


Andy Koosman mentioned that Bridgehaven has not sent out postcards to members notifying them of the new board members for quite some time.  Not everyone is connected to the internet to obtain this information.  Charles Thomas made a motion to have postcards sent out to all members.  Andy Koosman second the motion.  Motion was passed.  Blake Egenes will send out the postcards.


Andy Koosman stated that Rhonda Morris will need a list of all the new board members and these minutes so she can get the required paperwork for signature cards.  Nancy Schulberg sent  her this information on June 19, 2018.  Individuals will get their picture ID to her.

Andy also stated that a thank you note should be sent to Cathy Wright and Bob for making the No Fireworks Signs.  Nancy Schulberg will send them.


Dates for the three remaining board meetings:

Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 6:00 p.m. - Bridgehaven Marina

Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 6:00 p.m. - Nancy Schulberg’s home

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 6:00 p.m. - Andy Koosman’s home


Andy Koosman made a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Blake seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Bridgehaven Community Club Association Board Meeting Minutes

 April 28, 2018

President Jan Thomson called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  She welcomed the numerous community attendees that were present and introduced the board members.

Board members in attendance: Andy Koosman – secretary / treasurer, Rhonda Morris – member at large, Cathy Wright – member, Nancy Schulberg -Vice President – Absent.

Cathy Wright welcomed the community members also and announced the protocol of a three minute time limit for questions and answers during and after the business meeting.

Secretary’s report from December 16th was read. Rhonda motioned to approve. Cathy Wright seconded. Motion approved

Treasure’s report was approved as presented. A discussion was held in regards to the Seattle Loop funds. It was pointed out that Bridgehaven is not required to provide a water source to the Seattle Drive area under the current by-laws. The discussion also included a statement that in the 1990s Bridgehaven signed a letter of agreement with Jefferson County agreeing to provide water to the neighboring communities as long as we had the water to do so. Rhonda motioned to approve the treasures report. Cathy seconded. Approved.

Water Report: Dave Mathis - Had two new hook-ups this year with a possible five new hook-ups in the coming year. Water Commission ok’d the plan to have an engineering firm design a new pressure reducing station on Blue Jay Lane. Eyelanders Sales and Service will be upgrading the well pumps flow controls and the low-level water alarms on the water tanks. A discussion was held in regards to Bridgehaven’s water quality. Bridgehaven’s water is tested monthly for bacteria and a 6-9 year period for other contaminants. Bridgehaven water is moderately hard.

Marina Report: Jerry Deputy  - Jerry will be stepping down as marina manager at the June meeting. Bridgehaven will be needing a new marina manager.  There is no waiting list for a 20’ boat slip. A discussion was held in regards to marina use by renters. Renters do not have marina privileges. The Bridgehaven marina is a private marina.

Emergency Preparedness: Bridgehaven is a potential supply area should there be a natural disaster. We have a landing area for helicopters and a storage area. Meetings in the area are being held on a regular basis.

Architectural Committee Report: Margie Jones for Rod Barbee. Numerous requests for building permits were passed. There is a form on the web site under BCCA business explaining what the permitting requirements are.


Old Business:

A discussion was held in regards to the revised covenants. A copy of the revised covenants will be sent to each lot owner.  There is a copy of the revised covenants on the web site also.  The covenant vote is on the ballot and will be voted on at the annual meeting June 9th.

A discussion was held in regards to July 4th fireworks. People reported to various board members and community members that, in some locations, fireworks and parties caused a threat to safety. It was noted that emergency vehicles would not be able to travel down the road, as they would be blocked by excess cars, RVs, and other possible road obstacles, including shooting off fireworks in the road.  Others mentioned that fireworks continued to late in the night and the next day, and others noted they were worried about the direction of fireworks cinders coming onto their roof, decks and dry grass and shrubbery causing a fire hazard.  Other comments included how to enforce the rule, and suggestions for other, more safe locations.  This item will be on the Annual meeting agenda.

Discussed also was the road repair of North Beach Drive. A question asked: can we turn the road over to the county? Only if we bring the road up to county code.  We have three bids for the work, however two of the bids don’t encompass the entire scope of the project. We will be asking for additional bids including a rebid from the two original bidders.

The lot line between Bridgehaven and Admirals row was surveyed and markers placed delineating the line. The line indicates much less Bridgehaven area than previously thought.

A discussion was held in regards to the bulkhead repair and erosion control. The board is in the process of obtaining information and bids from various sources for this repair. The board will be evaluating the best and quickest path to repair. The current board is focusing on the bulkhead and erosion as a first step in marina improvement.

New Business

A discussion was held in regards to an increase in assessed dues of $200 per lot. This increase was voted on at the July 2017 board meeting. The ensuing discussion centered on property value in relationship to money needed for marina repair, upkeep, dredging, etc. Both sides of the issue were discussed. No, the property value is not related to the marina.  Yes, property values are directly related to the marina. The $200 dues increase issue is on the ballot for a vote on the June 9th annual meeting.  This discussion carried over to the 2019 Budget for Water and General BCCA. An explanation was given on the reasoning behind the dues increase. A question was asked why we cannot use appropriated money indiscriminately. The by-laws prohibit using money appropriated for a specific use to be used on another use unless voted on by the community.

Bridgehaven insurance will be due in September. Andy will follow up with the insurer and obtain a quote for the coming year.

A work party will be formed for marina clean-up on June 2nd, starting at 9:00 AM

There will be four board positions open at the June 9th meeting. Please volunteer.  We will also need a water commissioner, and a marina manager.

The annual Bridgehaven yard sale will be held the weekend of May 18 and 19 at individual homes. Notice will be on the web page and Craig’s List.

Rhonda proposed the meeting be adjourned. Andy seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM

Respectfully submitted:  Andy Koosman secretary


Bridgehaven Community Club Association Board Meeting Minutes
December 16, 2017


President Jan Thomson called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM


 In attendance: Andy Koosman – Secretary-Treasurer, Rhonda Morris – Member at Large, Nancy Schulberg – Vice President, Cathy Wright – Member.  Community members present:  Tommy Thomsen, Rod Barbee, Dave Wilson, Dale Flodin, Don Williams, Blake Egenes, Rod Mash, Mark Hood, Carolyn Brotherton, Dave Mathis, Jess Morris, Curt Thomson. Attendees introduced themselves.


Jan told the gathering about the Bridgehaven web page and how the board is trying to post information and keep the community aware of Bridgehaven affairs.


Secretary’s report from October 28, 2017 was approved as written by the board and is located on the website. Motion by Rhonda / Seconded by Cathy to approve.


Treasurers report was approved as presented. Motion by Rhonda / Seconded by Cathy to approve


Water report:  Dave Mathis:.


Things are running smooth. Use of 20,000 gallons of water / day is normal.  Fire department will finish with their five (5) year hydrant flush by the end of January.  Sea wall on South Beach Drive repaired by placing concrete blocks and rocks at retaining wall. 


Emergency Preparedness report: Rod Mash 


If we have a catastrophic storm,  earthquake, fire, or similar event, we will probably be an isolated community. Rod has/is collecting information on who in the community has equipment and materials for use during an emergency.  He also mentioned we as a community would have approximately two hours to get our boats out of the water in an earthquake event, but we are also in a position to use the watercraft for emergency travel over water.


Architectural Committee report: Rod Barbee


The Architectural Committee has posted on the web site a request for approvals checklist as numerous community members are requesting information on building requirements.  Rod listed the requests for approval by community members for this quarter.


Old Business:


A priority is establishing the lot line between Admirals Row and Bridgehaven. Bridgehaven needs to identify the lot line for erosion control repairs to protect the gazebo. A proposal by Andy and seconded by Nancy was approved by the board to have a survey completed. Andy will follow up with the property survey.


Ferrell Properties of Camby, Indiana sent Bridgehaven a proposal to purchase a lot of land owned by Bridgehaven located in Trails End.  After talking with Ferrell Properties and explaining there is no road access to the land they decided not to continue with the offer.


New Business:  


Mark Hood led a discussion regarding an agreement with Admirals Row for access to Admirals Row property for erosion control of the north shoreline and bulkhead maintenance.  Discussion centered around Bridgehaven ownership and whether a ‘hold harmless and / or an easement can be put in place between Admirals Row and Bridgehaven.


Motion made by Rhonda and seconded by Andy passed asking Mr. Hood to proceed with obtaining a hold harmless letter and / or and easement from Admirals Row for the mutual benefit of both parties for access to the north shore erosion and bulkhead area owned by Admirals Row.


A discussion was held in regards to marina funding by raising the dues and / or an assessment. The board will be asking for a $200 dues increase in this year’s budget. The point of the discussion being that the dues increase needs to be approved by the community. It also needs to be understood by the community that the dues increase will not cover the total project funding.  Also discussed was an assessed fee to be placed on the Spit residents for road maintenance and canal use.


A discussion was held in regards to selling the water system as a means of funding for the marina repairs.  This matter will be further discussed at the April budget meeting. Again, it needs to be understood by the community that community approval is needed for the water system to be sold.

The community is always invited to board meetings, however few attend. The board will notify the community about the April budget meeting by web page, facebook page, and posted notices.


Next directors meeting will be the budget meeting April 28th

Andy motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved.


Respectfully submitted:

Andy Koosman   Secretary





Board Meeting Minutes October 28,2017
Marnia Gazebo


Jan Thomson acting president called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM In attendance: Andy Koosman – Treasurer, Rhonda Morris – Member at Large, Nancy Schulberg – Vice President.  There were numerous members of the community in attendance.


Three members of the Board of Directors have resigned in the last four (4) months including the president, vice president, and member at large. New directors have been appointed to fill the vacant seats. Nancy nominated Jan as President seconded by Rhonda. Andy will fill in as the Secretary - Treasurer. Nancy will remain as the Vice President. Rhonda will remain as the Member at Large and Cathy Wright will become the 5th board member. These appointments will be completed at the next Annual Community Club meeting in June. There will be four (4) vacant director positions to fill.


Secretary’s report from September 30, 2017 was approve as written by the board and is located on the website.


Treasurers report was approved as presented.


Water report:  Dave Mathis: Yearly water meter readings have been completed and information given to the bookkeeper for 2018 invoicing. Water use is back to normal after the summer season.


Curt Thomson gave an updated report on the Blue Jay Lane pressure station. Pressure station is underground and will be engineered to be accessible from ground level. Engineering for pressure station due to unsafe conditions for entrance to the pressure station by the water manager. Estimated cost of the project engineering is $15,000.  The project will remain on the proposal schedule.


The float switch in one of the water tanks needs to be repaired.  This is a priority.


Emergency Preparedness report:  none


Architectural Committee report: none Carolyn Brotherton was in attendance. Carolyn’s name has been added to the Architectural Committee list on the web site and Rod Barbee (committee chair) has been notified.


Old Business:


Andy Koosman presented updates on the marina rehabilitation project. The marina is a community asset in need of  repair. The board needs volunteers to help work out the progression of repairs. Total estimated cost of repairs to the marina in the next five years is $600K to $700K based on the Mott Macdonald Marina Condition Assessment. These figures need to be understood by the community.  (A synopsis of the repairs needed will be added to the marina web page for all of the community to comment on. A copy of the Mott Macdonald Condition Assessment report is also located on the web site.)  Andy introduced Mr. Marc Horton, an engineer with Washington Project Consultants. Mr. Horton has viewed the marina and the Mott Macdonald assessment. He is in agreement with the dollar amount needed for marina repairs, and also agreed the erosion fronting the gazebo needs to be a priority.


A priority is establishing the lot line between Admirals Row and Bridgehaven. Bridgehaven needs to identify the lot line for erosion control repairs to protect the gazebo. A proposal by Andy and seconded by Nancy was approved by the board to have a survey completed. Andy will follow up on getting the survey completed.


New Business:  


Rhonda motioned we get a cost proposal from Mr. Marc Horton for engineering help with the marina rehabilitation. Andy seconded.  Motion approved.


Ferrell Properties of Camby, Indiana sent Bridgehaven a proposal to purchase a lot of land owned by Bridgehaven located in Trails End.  This land was purchased in ---- to be used for a water line. The water line was not completed. The vacant land is Jefferson County Parcel # 950100313 consisting of .18 acres, valued at $4,000 on the tax roll.  Ferrell Properties has offered $5,000 for the property. As Bridgehaven has no use for the land Andy motioned to sell the land. Seconded by Rhonda. Approved by the board.


Next directors meeting will be held December 16th at the Jan Thomson home. Time and agenda to be posted on the web page.


Andy motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved.


Respectfully submitted:

Andy Koosman   Secretary




The meeting was called to order by president Darron Hendrickson at 9:05.  Board members present were Darren Hendrickson, Jan Thomson,  Andy Koosman and Nancy Schulberg. 

There were several members of BCCA there.  Dan and Carolyn Brotherton,  Tom Moore,  Jess and Rhonda Morris, Bill and Marilyn Bryant and Duane Wells.  Curt Thomson and Dave Mathis representing water.  Jerry Deputy representing marina.


The minutes had been emailed .  The motion to approve as written was made by Andy and seconded by Nancy.  Approved unanimously.


The treasurer’s report was handed out and reviewed.  Nancy is continuing to get bids on road repair on N. Beach Drive.  Andy needs signatures for the bank from Nancy and Darren and Rhonda.  We also need to delete Tom Moore and Jeff Schattuck from the bank account.  We need to set a reserve amount for BWUC.  The motion to approve treasurer’s report as printed made by Jan and seconded by Darren passed unanimously.  




The water commissioners are seeking an additional engineering study specific to needed revisions to the pressure reducing  station on Blue Jay Lane.  The revisions to this part of the water system will require a vote of the membership in June due to the expected cost.  At that time they will have a revised estimate of the cost of this revision. (We will want to transfer money from the Seattle Loop Drive reserve to Blue Jay reducing station reserve).   Transfer of the money will require a vote from the community.  Bill Bryant suggested to the water commission that the lot owner that did the logging on the hillside be put on notice of the potential for damage to the water lines and pressure reducing station located below the site of the logging operation.  It appears this logging was not on owners property but on property listed as sensitive. 


Dave completed flushing the lower portion of the water system this past week.  Dave reported that there was very little manganese this time because of the high water usage during the hot summer.


South Beach Drive has an erosion from rocks being removed from the breakwater that is threatening the main in that area.  Curt will write a letter to Trails End  advising them of our concern.


There is a ditch that has been filled in near the Peabody pressure station.  BWUC will follow up.


The State Health Department inspection of the water system came back with a very positive report.




Jerry stated we now have 2 throwing devices on the dock.  We need a ladder for the dock area.  The fire extinguishers need to be serviced or replaced.   There are now life jackets on the dock to be used and returned by all children on the dock.




Dan Brotherton questions why  Carolyn was removed from architectural committee.  She had not been appointed by the board but had been told she was on the committee.  After discussion,  there was a motion to add her to the committee, by Andy’ and seconded by Darren and passed.   She will be the 4th member on the committee for this year.


MARINA UPDATE -   Andy Koosman; states we are looking for a person to take charge of this project.  There has been a request for a marina project manager on the web site for nearly a year.   As yet, no one has come forward to volunteer.  No one has even volunteered to help with the project.


There are people of interest from Gig Harbor and Port Townsend to consider for project manager.  This project is a full time job and needs to be done if we are to keep our marina.

COVENANT UPDATE -  Website shows current draft for revision.  There are 2 issues 1) Airbnb and 2) storing RV’s on lots.




INSURANCE-we were down to the wire on this.  The water and the BCCA now have separate policies.  The total cost is 15 thousand.  One policy for Water,  one for BCCA and D&O.  We can save money in the future if we have an audit of the water system.


Jeff Shattuck had to resign his board position for personal reasons.   The board appointed Rhonda Morris to fill the term as board member at large. 


Andy made a motion to adjourn at 10:45. Passed.


Submitted by Jan Thomson, secretary





The meeting was called to order at 9AM by Jeff Shattuck, president.  

All board members were present as well as a several  members at large.   Board members were J Shattuck, president, Darren Hendrickson, vice president, Andy Koosman, treasurer, Jan Thomson, secretary and Tom Moore, member at large.


Jeff announced we still need a marina project manager.

We need a revision of the covenants.


There was a motion to approve the minutes as printed by Jan and posted by Andy,  seconded by Tom.  The motion passes.


Andy passed out a treasury report and reviewed it.  He noted that all reports go to the bookkeeper.   A motion was made by Tom to approve the treasury report as given and seconded by Jan.  The motion passed.



Dave reported that there was a leak in the pump house that was now fixed.  The cause was due to mineral corrosion of a fitting on the 40 hp pump.  During the down time  Bridgehaven was able to maintain water supply during the hot weather on the 10 horse motor.  The bad joint was replaced.   June 20, 2017 the State 5 year inspection of the water system was done. The inspector said Bridgehaven water was doing a good job of maintaining the system.  

Curt Thomson reported he will be stepping down at the end of this term as a water commissioner. (next annual meeting 2018).

Jeff suggests the need for digitizing all records of water system, repairs, maintenance, etc.  He suggests we undertake this for records created from the current  time forward, not going into historical documents.  




Marin Mash and Joe Schwan are stepping down from this committee and 2 new people will be needed  be selected.   Rod Barber will be the continuing member.  There is a pending new house going up on the backwater.  There have been several approved sheds and fences.  There is one new house that has been under construction for more than 9 months in violation of the covenants.  This is an issue to be addressed in the new covenants.  




Security issues.   Jeff notes a high incidence of trespassing by non BCCA members in the marina area.  He suggests we “challenge” people we don’t recognize on the marina, beaches gazebo and etc.  The Admirals  Row people have permission to be on our beach areas and we have access to their beach area thru agreement.  


We have a problem with real estate people telling people that areas outside Bridgehaven can have access to the marina and ramp.  That area is not available to out of area people or renters with the exception of Admirals Row. 


Tom Moore reports on his research with  carriers.   He has determined that docks are not covered by our present policies.  Special riders would be required to cover the floats and he has not been  able to find any available.  He plans to review our existing policies further to determine the depth of our coverage or risk.  


Jerry notes the need for PFD’s at the dock.   We are seeking donations of good children’s PFD’s  to keep in the locker on the dock.  All children need to have a PFD on when on the docks. 


Architectural Committee has 2 openings and 5 candidates.  Andy made a motion to table the vote on Architectural Committee candidates.  Seconded by Darren and passed.  

Marina report by Jerry.  The realtors in the area have indicated the marina adds a large amount to the value to each lot in BCCA.  He notes that maintenance and repairs are essential to save the existing marina .   Andy notes that the engineering report of Mott McDonald indicates that the marina is in need of drastic repairs.  The jetty is settling: water comes over the top in the NW winds.  Dredging is needed.   The last time dredging  was done it cost $471,000.  We now have a permit that only removes a small portion of the amount needed and the window is the last 2 weeks of October.  Andy calculates that we will need $600,000, to cover the needed maintenance.  We need to determine where we will get the money for the maintenance of the marina.  Solutions are to get loans and / or raise BCCA dues.   It was suggested that we use a multi - pronged approach placing more of the burden on users thru moorage fees, ramp fees, gazebo fees and BCCA fees.  Marshal Bennett notes repairing the marina is essential to preserve the values of all property owners. 1. Suggested solutions  include  raise dues $200.00 a year (but when you do it is 2019 before the money is actually collected).  2.Increase moorage by 10% and have a $25.00 launch fee per year for those with boats.  We could charge a Gazebo rental/damage fee to help with the maintenance.  

Jan asks why can’t we tap into reserve accounts to cover the neglected maintenance,  Andy says it would require member approval to take funds out of reserves that were set up for other purposes.  Andy supports dues increase.

Jeff made a motion to increase dues $200.00 per lot  for 2018 .  Seconded by Andy Koosman. This would be voted on at the next annual meeting (June 2018) for 2019 dues. Motion passed unanimously. 

Marin Mash suggested a special assessment to raise  funds immediately; otherwise increasing dues permanently requires a vote at the annual meeting (next June for 2019)

Dan Jones notes the cost of engineering is very large and that a project manager would so some of the things an engineering firm would do which would reduce our costs.

Andy Koosman  moves a special assessment for 2018) to add $200.00 to be voted on by mail by members.  Darron seconded motion and it passed unanimously. 

Any member wanting a copy of the engineers report can contact Andy Koosman and he will E-mail it to you.



There was comment from non-board member the need to re-seal N. Beach Road.  That would be a chip seal on road to repair cracks and holes.

Discussion about the fireworks issue.  Jeff noted the dangerous situation that occurred and that investigation is pending.  Kelly noted the danger that occurred on the waterfront; her husband a reserve fire fighter notes those fireworks were criminal conduct, not just a violation.  Jeff notes that calls to sheriff may not bring police but  records of the incident are created.  Jeff notes that a change in the covenants is called for to help in situations like this.   It was noted that overflow parking on holidays with fireworks can prevent large emergency vehicles from responding to calls.  This will have to be addressed in the revision of the covenants.  

Andy made a motion for adjournment, seconded and passed at 11 AM

The Board then took a tour of the water system.

Submitted by Jan Thomson, secretary  


The Board then took a tour of the water system.

Submitted by Jan Thomson, secretary  


APRIL 22, 2017



Members present were Don Williams, president,  Treasurer Andy Koosman,  Secretary Janice Thomson,  member at large Tom Moore.


Others present Jerry Deputy, marina manager, Dave Mathis and Curt Thomson, water system,  Bob and Judy Oberto,  members/web master.  

The meeting was called to order by Don Williams,  President at 12 P.M.

The Secretary report was approved as read on line by all board members prior to the meeting.


The Treasurer’s report was printed and distributed to all present.  There was a motion by Tom Moore and seconded by Jan Thomson to approve the treasurers report as printed.



Manager Dave Mathis and chairman Curt Thomson were both present and reported no problems or issues with the system.  The commission is preparing it’s 2018 budget and will review and prioritize several planned water system improvements in the process.




There was a finger pier that tore loose and another needing major repair from damage last winter in a storm.   We made a claim for insurance coverage from the storm and the insurance carrier turned us down.  Tom was dealing with them on this and after years of coverage from the insurance carrier they did not give us any coverage for the damage.  As a result Tom is now in contact with other insurance companies to find a carrier that will better cover Bridgehaven.


Bellingham Marine has now repaired the finger piers, adjusting bolts and connecting rods.  We will need to have yearly maintenance on the docks and finger piers.   There are 2 pile hoops that need replacing.

We still need the hold harmless agreement from Admirals Row before we can go ahead with the land repairs needed for the erosion problems north of the marina. 

We will probably wait another year before we do additional changes to the ramp. 

We do need to get estimates on the cost of north end erosion problems.    The north face needs attention and repairs this season.   If not repaired this year the gazebo area could be in danger.  We will need permits.  Hopefully, one permit will cover all the work needed.  Jeff and Jerry will work on the priority of the repairs necessary.   They will be working with the engineering report from Mott McDonald that was done on the Marina area.  Then from that they will be able to determine if we need to increase the dues or have a special assessment to cover the cost of these major repairs necessary for the Marina area.

We have 2 bids on closing the ends of the Gazebo with exhaust fans included.  Don will talk with Joe before proceeding.   The budget for this is $3400.00.

Jerry has purchased a new flag as the one from last year was damaged from winds.



None given as Marin was not able to attend.



If we were to do all the work suggested by the engineering report we are talking over 1 Million in cost.   We need to look at priorities and set a plan for doing the necessary work.  Jerry will get a sign to limit the amount of people on the deck to the ramp until the changes can be made due to load restrictions advised by the engineer’s report. 

We will try to get a diver or some other worker to reduce the amount of sea life on the dock area to get rid of some of the weight that is attached.  Andy made a motion to have someone come in to reduce sea creatures from the docks.  Jan seconded.   Motion passed.

Tightening of the rods needs to be done each year.  With this he needs to set up a maintenance list of the items done each year so we can prove the annual maintenance for insurance purposes.  Jerry will handle this.

Jerry is going to work on getting bids for a new ramp that will go from the ground to eliminate the deck completely.  This will eliminate the need to replace all the pilings that are in various stages of rotting.  The cleaning stations would be moved to the land area. 

With the high costs of the dock area repairs we are in need of someone that knows how to go about getting grant moneys for this repair and removal of pilings.


The dock damage in the winter storms was not covered by our current insurance, so Tom is looking at other coverage that will cover floating water dock, earthquake and  water system.

This will necessitate records of  maintenance for the dock areas as well as the water system.  We need to document and establish maintenance plans.


The covenant revision committee has prepared a draft of proposed new covenants that would replace the ones from1964.  The majority of lot owners will need to vote approve this.  We are still inviting input  on the revision that has been on the website.  We would like to have this ready for a vote by the time of the annual meeting.  Andy will be at the social this month with a table for input from people for clarification of language and the interpretation of the covenants as written. People are encouraged to comment and make suggestions. This will be a separate mailing with ballots included. A majority of lot owners must approve any change to the covenants. There will be another board meeting to review progress after the social.


These should be ready by the time of the meeting.     The cost of printing, binding should be under $200.00.   Andy made a motion that we go ahead with the directories. Tom seconded .  Motion passed.


The next annual meeting will be June 3 at the Fire Station in Port Ludlow at 12-2 PM.

Community yard sale 5/19-21,2017.

Marina socials 4th Thursday each month beginning April 27,2017

We will have a special meeting to set priorities as recommended by the Mott MacDonald engineering report at Thomson’s Tuesday.

Meeting adjourned by Don William’s at 2:50.




Meeting called to order by Don Williams, President, at 12:05 at Tom Moore’s residence.


Members present were President Don Williams, Vice President Jeff Shattuck, Treasurer Andy Koosman, Secretary Janice Thomson and member at large Tom Moore.  Also present was Curt Thomson Water Committee, chairman.




Amendments to the last the Quarterly meeting minutes.

Changes to the secretary’s report were in regard to the bid on the breakwater at the marina.  The minutes should state the acceptance of the bid by David Funk was dependent on a successful meeting with him to review the bid and extent of damages and his proposed corrections.


The board discussed and approved that Judy Oberto should be paid an additional $200.00 annually.


With these changes the minutes of the board meeting July 30, 2016 were approved. 




It appears that the repairs necessary in the Marina area are considerable. After discussion the consensus was to pursue studies by an engineering firm to determine our overall needs.  There is an engineer coming Sept. 10 (Bill Perkins) to look at the bulkhead and other marina problems. 


We have the piling to use for the boat launch.  They are treated with the Eco treatment necessary at a total cost of $300.00.  Motion made by Tom to pay for the piling.  Seconded by Jeff. Motion passed.  We may hold off on the installation of the launch float until we have the engineer study completed. 


With the dredging permit we have to use a barge that needs 6-7 feet of draft to operate.  The prospect of hydraulic extraction to remove the sand seems like a much better way to go and less damage than the barge process.  We will continue to evaluate this.  We have a bid by American Construction for a total of $137,500. ($50/cu yd. (1750=$87,000) and  a charge of $50,000 to move in and set up). We will also send Blackwater out of Kirkland an electronic copy of the dredging permit as they indicated they will make a bid in the next couple days. We need to find out what the rate for Standby if there should be a weather or tide problem. 


The beach property that is owned by Admirals Row received considerable erosion and loss of sand last winter.  We need to consider what it is going to take in the future to protect our property and the gazebo.  We might consider buying the property from them to protect our own area in the marina. This too can be part of the assessment by the engineers.  We could deadhead and put logs in.   We want to keep the relationship with Admirals Row.


We need to proceed with our permits for dredging, bulkhead repairs, marina repairs as well as solving the erosion problems in Admirals Row.  The engineers will be of assistance in working to solve all these concerns.  We could get a maintenance permit on our prior permit as long as it is the same.


We have a bid from David Funk for bulkhead repair, but in light of the other maintenance problems we will table this discussion until the October meeting. Motion to table passed.




Replacement of Ed Porter to be considered.   The names of David Janowski and Jess Morris have been submitted by the Water Commission.  Both were discussed and determined that having a commissioner on the hill with the other two on the spit seemed like the best way to go.  Motion to put Jess Morris on the water commission was made and seconded.  Motion passed.


We will have Judy publish the Boards thanks to Ed Porter for all his years of service.




We have talked with Malcom Harris of the firm Harris & Wakayama PLC of Seattle and Port Townsend and the initial cost would be $600 to review both our Bylaws and Covenants.  Additional consultation would cost $300 per hour. If changes or updates are needed to bring our Covenants up to date, we would plan to have the BCCA community vote on the proposed changes at the June 2017 annual meeting.  Motion that we hire an attorney to look at by laws and covenants.  Motion made, seconded and passed.


Motion to adjourn by Andy at 1:30. Passed. 

Minutes prepared by Jan Thomson, secretary.



Meeting called to order by Don Williams, President, at 12.00 noon at the Williams residence.

Members present were President Don Williams, Vice President J. Shattuck, Treasurer Andy Koosman, Secretary Janice Thomson, member at large Tom Moore.  Also present were Curt Thomson from Water Committee, Jerry Deputy Marina manager, Architectural committee Marin Mash and Joe Schwan and past Treasurer Rhonda Morris.



The minutes of the previous meeting was approved as presented and distributed on E mail.



Andy reviewed the treasures report as printed and distributed.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the treasure’s report as presented.  Motion passed.  We have had several past debts cleared up by lot owners.  These include Dalberg, Schultz and 21 Finch Lane.  There was discussion on funds available for dredging.  We do not know the amount we need as no bids have been received. 


A discussion took place regarding the current reserve accounts to cover large expenses (such as dredging). Rhonda advises that once funds allocated to a reserve account they cannot be used for other purposes without tax penalties.   Suggest that we budget less to reserve accounts in the future to allow more options to cover large expenditures.



Last month a water sample tested at the state testing labs proved positive for coliform bacteria. A second test also failed, so Dave is in the process of chlorinating the system.  No boiling of water for residential use is required.  Water manager Dave suspects that the cause is a seal failure on the top of one of the tanks. The chlorinating should take care of the problem.  Every few years the tanks go through a process of being drained and cleaned and scrubbed on the inside. 



A discussion on the addition of activity items for the marina area took place.  Ideas discussed were basketball hoop/backboard, bocce ball, badminton/racquet set and volleyball.  We will seek donations of items from members.   The idea of horseshoe pit built by volunteers.  A motion  made and seconded to budget $100 for necessary activity items.    Passed.  We will post on the web site a request for donations for the activity area.  There will be a work party to develop these areas.


Bellingham Marine is working on fixing the brackets that need replacing on the dock.

A discussion regarding the problems with the breakwater at the marina.  We have a bid from David Funk, for $5,500.  To do the repairs.  They would dig down 3’and replace timbers.  There was a motion by Tom and seconded by Andy to go ahead with the bid.  The motion passed.


There is backwash eroding by the area near the steps at the marina.  It was discussed whether to use ecology blocks or concrete blocks to re-enforce this area from the winter storms.  We will ask Sea Level to look at this area and give us some suggestions.


The next area at the marina is the boat launch and a float to placed near the launch. 

  1. Options:  2 pole pilings, or concrete pile using sono tubes with concrete and re-bar.  A section of salvaged marina float to be attached to the piles. 
  2. Re-surfacing the concrete boat launch.

 The current dock pilings are in need of repair.  There are 8 pilings that need work.  They are the original pilings that are creosoted and will need to be replaced.  We will look at getting grant money to eliminate the hazard and replace with ecology- approved pilings.   We can reduce the size of the dock area and eliminate about 9 pilings.  That would save about $10,000 each.  This is something to  consider.



Marin and Joe need an additional person on the committee.  People doing building are not making the necessary reports to the committee to get approval.  We need more emphasis on the necessity of submitting plans for approval for building houses, fences and other structures on lots, as required by the covenants and by-laws.



Liability insurance (directors and officer, or D&O) for the year with 3 million dollar limits will cost $5115.00, and the insurance carrier will require an audit of our books, at a cost estimated at $1500. If we go with lower D &O limits of  2 million dollars the cost is then $4,365.00, and then add umbrella coverage for 5 million dollars the cost is $1029.00.  The lower D&O limit, eliminates the need for CPA audit and with addition of the Umbrella coverage we have a better package at less cost.  Motion make by Jeff and seconded to adopt the D &O at 2 million dollar limits and add the Umbrella coverage for the next year.  Motion passed.   Rhonda Morris was authorized to get new coverage.

It was determined that earthquake coverage is too expensive and hard to get, to pursue at this time.



We have not had any responses back on dredging proposals.   Sea Level will now give us a proposal I a couple of weeks.  The main problems seem to be the requirement of the permit that spoils be barged rather than pumped (hydraulic) to Admirals Row property.  We were only given a 2 week window to complete the dredging and a small project of 1700 yards.



Jan will check on easement at the end of N. Beach Drive.


We will send a letter to Admirals Row re: deadheading and dredging. 


There were several complaints about neglected lots and fire hazards.  The Board reminds all members to keep up properties and keep weeds and grass under control.


It came to our attention that there are violations of by-laws in regards to businesses operating in Bridgehaven.  We will contact property owners.


New construction of a home is underway and there was no contact or approval from the Architectural Committee, as required by our By-Laws and Covenants.  We will contact property owners.


Rhonda will draft a letter to be used to notify lot owners of apparent covenant or by-law violations and neglect.


A  suggestion was made to  retain an attorney to assist in review of By-laws and Covenants.  


Dates set for Annual picnic on the 2nd Saturday in August.  Yard sale 3rd weekend in May.  Motion by Andy and seconded, to set these dates to avoid confusion each year.   Motion passed.


Motion made by Andy and seconded, to give a gift to Rhonda for all her services. Motion passed.


We will ask Judy Oberto to put a note on the website for volunteers for Picnic and donations for toys and games.


We will seek input on Directory update.  The cost is about $100.00


It appears that we may be able to reduce costs on Sani-can at Marina.  Andy will check on this. 


Motion made by Don seconded and passed to adjourn at 2:45PM.


Respectfully submitted Jan Thomson Secretary




Meeting called to order by Don Williams President at 12:10 PM

Members in attendance: Don Williams, Jan Thompson, Andy Koosman, Jeff Shattuck,

Tom Moore, Rhonda Morris,


Voted in as board member positions:

President:          Don Williams

Vice President: J. Shattuck

Secretary:         Jan Thompson

Treasurer:          Andy Koosman

Mem at Large:  Tom Moore


Designation of next year’s board meeting dates as approved:

July 30, 2016  (Don’s house 12 noon)

October 29, 2016   (Jan’s house 12 noon)

April 22, 2017   (Tom’s house 12 noon) this will also include the 2018 budget meeting

Annual Meeting:  Saturday June 3rd, 2017 (Port Ludlow Fire Hall 12-2:00)


A sincere thanks was expressed to Rhonda Morris who is leaving the board this year.  Rhonda’s work as treasurer the last three years and updating the processes involved has been an invaluable asset to the Bridgehaven Community.


Regarding signers on our business/association account(s) at Liberty Bay Bank:

Rhonda Morris former Treasure will be removed as a Bridgehaven director signer.

Jeff Shattuck, Bridgehaven Vice President will be added as a signer.

Signature cards will be filled out for new signers.


A separate email account has been set up for treasurer email.

Email will no longer go to personal accounts.


An RFQ (request for quote) has been sent to thirteen (13) prospective dredging concerns for the dredging of the Bridgehaven marina entrance.  As yet there are no replies.

We need to seriously think about the next dredging that will need to occur and begin the permitting process. Don asked for suggestions for a dredging project lead.


The water board and the architectural committee each need one new member. Names were mentioned and board members agreed to follow up with those individuals.


The Bridgehaven yearly community picnic will be held August 13, 2016. Jan will bring flyers to theThursday evening gathering at the Pavilion, along with a signup sheet for volunteers.


The Bridgehaven yearly community yard sale will be held August 19-21, 2016. There was discussion on where and how to advertise the event.  Signs will be placed around the neighborhood and advertised in the paper and on Craigslist.


The July 4th dinghy parade will again be held.  See the web site for details or contact Jan for more details.


Jefferson County will allow fireworks to be displayed this year.  The Bridgehaven Community will allow fireworks to be displayed at the Marina Pavilion.  Information will be posted on the website as well as at the Pavilion.


Mention was made at the annual meeting of an agreement with Admiral’s Row for the Bridgehaven community to provide a soft bulkhead on Admiral’s Row beachfront.  No one seems to know where this came from and Don will follow up with Dave Fong.


Salary increases for Bridgehaven employees as well as updating of the community directory   will be discussed at the July board meeting.


Rhonda will continue the insurance negotiations for Bridgehaven thru this cycle as she has been working the issue and will follow to completion.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.



Respectfully submitted:

Andy Koosman   Secretary


Special Executive Board Meeting December 28, 2015


RE: Marina Dredging


The meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM by President Don Williams.  In attendance were Jan Thompson Vice President, Andy Koosman Secretary, and Tom Moore Member at Large.

A discussion was held in regards to the BCCA permitting process to dredge the marina opening.


All County and State permits are in place.  Missing is the permit from the Army Corp of Engineers.  The Corp has stated its request that the BCCA and the Rock Point Oyster Company, Inc. (Rock Point) reach an agreement in regards to BCCA dredging material being placed on the Admiral Row beach front.


Rock Point has a concern that sediment from the dredging material will cause damage to their oyster and clam beds and wants BCCA to accept liability for any such damages.  BCCA has presented Rock Point with information from Marine Surveys and Assessments and Coastal Geologic Services, Inc. that show no damage would (should) occur.

Agreement was reached concluding:


  1. A meeting to be set up with Rock Point Oyster Company, Inc. to discuss and hopefully reach an agreement that will allow BCCA to continue with the marina dredging process.

  2. Have MSA review Rock Point permits including county, state, and federal.

  3. Ask Rock Point if they can delineate their property used for clam and oyster beds.

  4. Jan Thomson and Andy Koosman will be gone after the first week of January until April.  It was asked if a conference call could be placed where they could be included in the meeting with Rock Point.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 1:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by Andy Koosman


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