2021 Annual Meeting

September 25, 2021
Bridgehaven Community Club Association Annual Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. at the marina by Vice President Dave Wilson.

Board members were introduced.  Those in attendance were Vice President, Dave Wilson, Treasurer, Carolyn Brotherton, Assistant Treasurer, Marilyn Bryant, and Secretary, Nancy Schulberg.

In attendance there were 30 members.


Minutes from the 2020 special board meeting were read by Nancy Schulberg.


Marilyn Bryant read the Emergency Preparedness Report that was submitted by Deb Reithmeyer, Bridgehaven’s Emergency Communication/Preparedness Coordinator. September is National Emergency Preparedness month.  A list of items for Grab & Go bags was available for all to see.  Bridgehaven is in need of a medical professional volunteer in case of medical disaster. 


Marina report was given by Marina Manager Matt Maynard. Bellingham Marina repaired the T-Head.  This project was $54,000.00.  The next project will be the replacement whalers on all docks.  With that being done, our marina docks should last another 25 years.  There will be no boat slips available as of January 2022.

Architectural report was given by member Carolyn Brotherton.  Two new homes on Thorndyke Road and a deck  have been approved.  There are several other properties waiting on approval.  They are on Eagle View. Dickey Street,  and North Beach Drive.  Marilyn Bryant added that 35 properties have changed in the past 2 years.


Water report was given by Water Commissioner Joe Schwan and Water Manager Jose Escalera.  There have been 8 new water hook ups  in the past  2 years.  Our water has passed all testing.  We have an excellent supply of water. There are no issues with any of our pumps.  Our new float system allows Jose to monitor our water system remotely.  Seattle Hill Drive hook up needs to be done.  About 600 feet of pipe needs to be laid to connect to our main line. Jose has been in contact with our local fire department in regards to having them keep our fire hydrants to be kept visable from vegetation.


There was discussion about VRBO rentals within Bridgehaven.  The board stated that according to our covenant number 2, no VRBO rentals are allowed.


New board members voted in are Curt Schnaible, Carl Scott, and Nancy Schulberg.  The board will be meeting this week to assign new board positions.  Board positions will be announced via Facebook and Bridgehaven.net

163 ballots were sent out, 62 were returned.


New business:  Septic systems have been approved for 3 bedroom homes if they are being built on a double lot.  

Rhonda Morris asked that the board please, get the revised covenants back on the ballot and line by line for approval.  


Marilyn Bryant motioned to adjourn the meeting, Carolyn Brotherton second the motion.  Meeting was adjourned  at 1:40 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted, Nancy Schulberg, Secretary




Minutes from previous Annual Meetings may be found here.

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