2021 Annual Meeting

September 25, 2021
Bridgehaven Community Club Association Annual Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. at the marina by Vice President Dave Wilson.

Board members were introduced.  Those in attendance were Vice President, Dave Wilson, Treasurer, Carolyn Brotherton, Assistant Treasurer, Marilyn Bryant, and Secretary, Nancy Schulberg.

In attendance there were 30 members.


Minutes from the 2020 special board meeting were read by Nancy Schulberg.


Marilyn Bryant read the Emergency Preparedness Report that was submitted by Deb Reithmeyer, Bridgehaven’s Emergency Communication/Preparedness Coordinator. September is National Emergency Preparedness month.  A list of items for Grab & Go bags was available for all to see.  Bridgehaven is in need of a medical professional volunteer in case of medical disaster. 


Marina report was given by Marina Manager Matt Maynard. Bellingham Marina repaired the T-Head.  This project was $54,000.00.  The next project will be the replacement whalers on all docks.  With that being done, our marina docks should last another 25 years.  There will be no boat slips available as of January 2022.

Architectural report was given by member Carolyn Brotherton.  Two new homes on Thorndyke Road and a deck  have been approved.  There are several other properties waiting on approval.  They are on Eagle View. Dickey Street,  and North Beach Drive.  Marilyn Bryant added that 35 properties have changed in the past 2 years.


Water report was given by Water Commissioner Joe Schwan and Water Manager Jose Escalera.  There have been 8 new water hook ups  in the past  2 years.  Our water has passed all testing.  We have an excellent supply of water. There are no issues with any of our pumps.  Our new float system allows Jose to monitor our water system remotely.  Seattle Hill Drive hook up needs to be done.  About 600 feet of pipe needs to be laid to connect to our main line. Jose has been in contact with our local fire department in regards to having them keep our fire hydrants to be kept visable from vegetation.


There was discussion about VRBO rentals within Bridgehaven.  The board stated that according to our covenant number 2, no VRBO rentals are allowed.


New board members voted in are Curt Schnaible, Carl Scott, and Nancy Schulberg.  The board will be meeting this week to assign new board positions.  Board positions will be announced via Facebook and Bridgehaven.net

163 ballots were sent out, 62 were returned.


New business:  Septic systems have been approved for 3 bedroom homes if they are being built on a double lot.  

Rhonda Morris asked that the board please, get the revised covenants back on the ballot and line by line for approval.  


Marilyn Bryant motioned to adjourn the meeting, Carolyn Brotherton second the motion.  Meeting was adjourned  at 1:40 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted, Nancy Schulberg, Secretary




2020 Annual Meeting

Due to Covid-19, the annual members meeting was moved to the September 28, 2020 Board Meeting. Minutes can be read here.

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2019


BCCA Annual Meeting was called to order by Vice President Dave Wilson at 1:00 p.m. at the Bay Club in Port Ludlow.


Dave Wilson introduced the Bridgehaven Board of Directors.  All were present except President Blake Egenes.


Dave Mathis’ Eulogy was given by Curt Thomson


2018 annual minutes were read by Secretary Nancy Schulberg.


2018 Treasurer's report was read by Treasurer Marilyn Bryant.


Emergency Preparedness Report was given by volunteer Deb Reithmeyer Burke of the Department of Emergency Management.  She reported that there are many homes  within BCCA that have some sort of fire hazard and should be addressed as soon as possible.  BCCA is in need of a HAM radio operator.   We also need more members to become trained in DAART.  BCCA has been given medical supplies by Providence Hospital.


Water Report was given by Curt Thomson.   Curt stated that our water system is in great shape.  He announced and welcomed our new Water Manager Jose Escalara.  He was hired June 1, 2019.

Architectural Report was given by committee member Carolyn Brotherton.  Two sheds, one gate, and one new home were approved for 2019.

Marina Report was given by Marina Manager Matt Maynard.  Two marina slips are available.  Our docks are in need of repair.  We have done quite a bit of in house repairs which has saved BCCA many thousands of  dollars.


Old business


Revision of BCCA Covenants.  Covenants were presented by Don Williams.  
Members voted on the revised covenants.  Revised covenants were not passed by  67  votes no  and 26 votes yes.


Fireworks were also discussed.  New signs have been posted NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED.


New Business


Next  year’s annual meeting will be held in September 2020.  Date and time yet to be announced.  The board is hoping to get better attendance from members having it later in the year.


2020 General Budget was presented by treasurer Marilyn Bryant.  General Budget was voted on and passed.  72 yes votes and 1 no vote.


2020 Water Budget was presented  by treasurer Marilyn Bryant.  Water Budget was voted on and passed.  72 yes votes and 1 no vote.


The three year position of Treasurer was presented and voted on.  Marilyn Bryant was the only nominee.  Marilyn was voted in for the three year position of Treasurer.


The three  year position for Member At Large for divisions 3, 5, 6, & 8 was presented.  Charles Thomas and Judy Oberto were the two nominees.  Judy Oberto was voted in for the three year position for Member At Large.

Jan Thomson presented the new landscaping design for the marina.  She also announced and asked for volunteers for a work party for Friday & Saturday, June 21, & 22.


Open discussion for members


Duane Wells wants our agreement with Admirals Row addressed.  Dave Wilson has the agreement and will address Duane's request.  Admirals Row has 20 lots.  Out of the 20 lots, 4 owners are also Bridgehaven members.


Barbra Nelson and Margie Jones asked that BCCA vote line by line via the internet on revised covenants.


Adding some type of surveillance was discussed for all of BCCA.  There have been break ins and thefts in the lower divisions 1, 2, 4, & 7, and upper divisions 3, 5, 6, & 8.


A big thank you was given to Jean Black and Carol Evanoff for taking water and sea life samples from our marina and having them tested.


Judy Oberto wants BCCA to address the bulkhead issues on Admirals Row to preserve and save the pavilion at the marina.


Letters will be sent out to BCCA members who are in violation of Article 8 in our covenants.


Jan Thomson motioned for the meeting to be adjourned, Cliff Sindles seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,  Nancy Schulberg, Secretary


Bridgehaven Community Club Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting June 9, 2018


The annual meeting was called to order by President Jan Thomson at 1:00 PM 

A welcome was given to members present and the current board of directors was introduced.  Jan Thomson President, Andy Koosman Secretary / Treasurer, Nancy Schulberg, Vice President, Rhonda Morris, member at large, and Cathy Wright member.
It was noted that three of the positions were fill in positions for vacated board members. New Bridgehaven members introduced themselves. 


The June 3, 2017 meeting minutes were read by Andy Koosman. There was a motion to accept the minutes as read and seconded. Motion passed.

The treasurers report from 2017 was presented by Andy Koosman. Andy reviewed the report with the members present. There was a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented and seconded. Motion passed.

The Water Report was given by Dave Mathis: This year, had two new hook-ups, both outside Bridgehaven. Have two new paid for hook-ups with meters not installed within Bridgehaven. Replaced two water meters due to manganese build up and one water pressure plate. Worked with NPI from Port Angeles to assess the Blue Jay Pressure station and water main movement. Signed a contract with NPI for redesign work of $17,000. The state did it’s 5 year health inspection. Two minor problems were taken care of. Received a passing grade.   Two inactive water hook-ups on North Beach Drive have become active. Thirty-five (35) double check valves were inspected and the generator has been repaired. A comprehensive water sample was tested for inorganic compounds. The only compound exceeding limits was manganese which is not a health issue. Will be putting the sample results on the Web Page under Water.

Curt Thomson the water commission chairman who has filled the position ( since 1999) gave a short farewell address as he is stepping down this year. He thanked Dave Mathis for his support. He stated the water system supports Bridgehaven and the surrounding communities as of 1995 when Bridgehaven signed a letter of agreement agreeing to provide water to a Jefferson County critical water district. Curt is a strong advocate of keeping and maintaining the water system and thanked the board and the community for the privilege of serving them.

Architectural Report was given by Rod Barbee. Rod thanked Joe Schwan and Marin Mash for their time on the committee and all the help given this year. A special thanks to Marin Mash.  Approval this year was given for three new houses, four fences, and two terraces. New Architectural procedures are listed on the Web page under Architectural.


Marina Report was given by Jerry Deputy.  Not much has changed since last year. We are using the Mott Macdonald assessment to prioritize the needed repairs. We had a community clean up work party taking care of the marina, gazebo, and surrounding area. A thank you to all who volunteered. We have one open 20 foot slip.


Emergency Preparedness report was given by Rod Mash. Rod’s name is on the inside of the community phone directory. We need to be prepared for both short and long term outages. Plan on a 30 day outage.  Texting will be the most reliable communication. A survey was sent out to collect information on individuals availability to help. The county is providing information on the back table for everyone. You can take pictures of every thing you have and keep them in your phone making it easier to get resettled. If we have an earthquake you will have approximately 2 hours to get your boat out of the water. Make sure you have fuel for when we can put the boats back in to assist if necessary. Make sure you can take care of yourself.


Old Business:


Revision of the Bridgehaven Covenants: The committee members working on the revised covenants were named. Rod Mash, Andy Koosman, Jeff Schattuck, and Bill Bryant. The floor was opened to discussion. The original proposal that the community come to the podium fell by the wayside after the initial presentation by Joe Schwan who said the community first needed to vote on whether or not the covenants should be changed. Then, all means available should be used to inform the community what the proposals would be. Rod Mash explained everyone has an opinion. The committee discussed property rights, Air B & Bs, and storage of vehicles to name a few. A floor discussion was held in regards to Air B & Bs, renters non rights to use Bridgehaven facilities, noxious activities, yard care, fire hazards and the need to further define the revised covenants. A vote was taken from the floor to table the voting on the revised covenants. A majority of the community at the meeting voted in favor of tabling the vote until next year’s annual meeting ( 37). It was suggested a line item ( paragraph) vote be taken at next year’s annual meeting. A committee was formed from the floor to reassess the covenants. The committee consist of Don Williams, Joe Schwan, Bob Oberto, Bruce Jakola, and Rick Freeman.


Marina rehabilitation project: A survey of the Bridgehaven property line was completed. Bridgehaven property ends approximately five feet from the gazebo on the north side. This will require Bridgehaven to obtain a hold harmless letter from Admirals Row to complete bulkhead repairs as some of the property to be worked on belongs to Admirals Row. We have received a bid proposal from Sea Level Bulkhead to repair the wooden bulkhead. The new board will be addressing the issues. Dredging is still an issue. The permit we have now is for a clam shell / barge operation that is too expensive to implement. We are looking at revising the permit and reassessing the dredging process and costs. One option is to do nothing. However, there are also substantial costs involved for marina removal. A committee of Andy Koosman, Jerry Deputy and Rick Freeman will be exploring new options for dredging. The breakwater needs attention, the docks are 20 years old and will need repair in the future. The marina slip dues have been increased this year on the slip sizes of 20 feet and thirty feet from $450 / $500 ,$500 / $550 and will again be raised next year to $550 / $600. Also discussed was the value added of having the marina in relation to all community property. 


New Business:


The board voted to not allow fireworks within Bridgehaven this Fourth of July. A discussion was held as to how to enforce. People reported to various board members and community members that, in some locations, fireworks and parties caused a threat to safety. It was noted that emergency vehicles would not be able to travel down the road, as they would be blocked by excess cars, rvs, and other possible road obstacles, including shooting off fireworks in the road.  Others mentioned that fireworks continued to late in the night and the next day,  and others noted they were worried about the direction of fireworks cinders coming onto their roof, decks and dry grass and shrubbery causing a fire hazard.  Other comments included how to enforce the rule, and suggestions for other, more safe locations nearby. Signs will be placed advertising the no fireworks ban.


Dues for the 2019 fiscal year.  A proposal to increase the Bridgehaven annual dues by $200 was placed on the ballot to be voted on by the community. A discussion was held on the dues increase. The proposal passed by a vote of 77 yes and 42 no, a 65% yes vote. It was noted that the community votes on the budget each year. If the budget is not approved each year, the dues return to the $225 / year budget number.

The annual Bridgehaven general budget was presented and passed on a voice vote. No dissenting voice votes were cast. The annual Bridgehaven water budget was presented and passed on a voice vote. No dissenting voice votes were cast. The community votes by write in were in favor of passage by a similar margin.

Voting for Board of Directors positions.  The nominee for the one year position from Divisions 3,5,6,& 8, Charles Thomas was elected. Bruce Jakola, a floor nominee declined to run.

The nominee for the two year term from Divisions 1,2,4 & 7, Nancy Schulberg was elected. Joe Schwan the floor nominee declined to run.

The nominee for the three year term from Divisions 1,2,4, & 7, David Wilson was elected. Carolyn Brotherton the floor nominee declined to run.

The at large position for a three year term from any division, David Morgan ceded the nomination to Blake Egenes. Blake Egenes was elected.

The community was asked to please drop the ballots off at the desk when leaving.  Judy Oberto asked for a volunteer to learn the website – Rod Barbe agreed to help with it.

A proposal was made to adjourn the meeting. The proposal was seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,  Andy Koosman, Secretary

2017 Annual Meeting

SATURDAY  June 3, 2017 
The meeting was called to order at 12 noon by President Don Williams. 

The board members present were Don Williams, Jan Thomson, Andy Koosman and Jeff Shattuck.  Absent was board member Tom Moore. 

There was a quorum accounted for.  There were proxies from 24 mailed in.  There were people signed in representing 38 lots. 

The annual meeting held June 11, 2016  minutes were read by Jan Thomson.  There was a motion to accept as read by Linda Fuente and seconded by Duane Wells.  The motion passed. 
The Treasurer’s report for the prior year was distributed and mailed to all property owners.  Andy Koosman reviewed the report with all present.  There was a motion to accept as presented by Judy Oberto and seconded by Rod Barber.  The motion passed. 

Dave Mathis gave the water report. There was a bacteria problem during the summer 2016 in the old tank.  The tank had to be re-sealed.   The system was chlorinated and flushed.   The system needed to be flushed again to get rid of the bacteria.  The water system has 209 paying customers.  There may be 4 new connections this year.  There will be a flushing again this year during June.  There will be a fire hydrant assessment by the Fire Dept this year.  This is done every 5 years. 

Curt Thomson, Chairman of the Water Commission  gave his report.  He reported the salary for Dave Mathis had been increased in Nov. 2016 to $900.00. He also receives reimbursement for the use of his vehicle and certain expenses.  Capital improvement projects that may be undertaken this year include the Blue Jay Lane pressure reducing station upgrade, the Seattle Drive main extension and the Admiral’s Row main revision.    Duane Wells objected to some of the projects and discussion followed.   There was a motion by Marilyn Williams to accept the reports of the Water Commission.  Seconded by Debbie Hancock.   Motion passed. 

The marina manager’s report was given by Jerry Deputy.   There was considerable damage to the marina during the winter storms.  Two finger piers broke loose and separated from the main dock structure.  There was lots of erosion on the north side from Admirals Row property.   The Board had Mott McDonald engineers do an evaluation of the work necessary to bring the marina area back to a structurally sound condition.   Their report gives a 10  year timeline for priorities.  The Board has a suggested timeline for the projects.  Our current insurance did not cover the winter damage.  The Board is now researching insurance carriers for better coverage for the marina.   There are new keys for the gate to the marina.  These can be picked up from Jerry for a charge of $5.00.  In the Spring there was a cleanup of the marina area (there was a great turn- out).  This was a big success.  In the Gazebo there are extra life preservers and spill removal pads for boaters.  Jerry reminded all that rental tenants of properties do not have the right to use the beach, marina, boat ramp or gazebo. 

Bridgehaven will need a new dredging permit to dredge.   The current permit allows just a 2 week window in October for 1700 yards (which is 2150 wheelbarrow loads).   The bids that were received last year would require a barge with 6’ draft and hauling spoils out.  The cost was over$170,000.00.  The board decided to wait a year and seek better results. Bridgehaven is seeking a permit to hydraulicly remove the sand to place it in neighboring areas.  

Report on Emergency Preparedness.   Rod Mash has set up a check list and information on the BCC web site.  Check this out and become better prepared.  There are 8 people with hand held radio devices both on the spit and on the hill.   They check them out each month.   

Architectural Committee report.  The committee consists of Marin Mash,  Joe Schwan and Rod Barber.  Marin and Joe wish to retire so we need 2 new members on this committee.  This year there were 8 approval actions and 2 pending actions.   


Mottt Mac Donald survey report was made available to those attending.    
We will need to increase fees to cover the costs of doing the necessary repairs to the marina area.   There are pilings that are rotting,  the dock area that is nearing the end of expected life,  the ramp needing repair and the bulkhead to provide protection to the entire area.   The board is working to establish the short term projects, intermediate and long term.  The report gives a 1-10 year replacement or repair schedule.   We need a project manager to work on the execution of this entire project.  Next year we will come back with a proposal to increase revenue to pay for the projects that need to be done and a timeline for the work schedules. 
The covenants committee is chaired by Rod Mash.  The covenants were originally drafted in 1964.   They need to be changed to meet the 2017 needs and the future.  The draft has been prepared and is available.  This is something that needs to meet the desires of the property owners.  The committee will send out questionairs for your suggestions .  They will highlight the changes for suggestions and approval.   They would welcome more people to this committee.  This needs to match the expectations of the community. 

The water budget for 2017 was reviewed.  There was a motion by Duane Wells, seconded by Bob Oberto to not do the Seattle drive main extension until it is needed.   The motion failed. 
The BCCA budget for 2017 was reviewed.   Motion made and seconded to accept the budget as presented.  Motion passed. 

The Water Budget for 2017 was reviewed.   Motion made and seconded to accept the budget as presented.   Motion passed. 

The election of BCCA Board position to fill the vacancy on the Board as Don Williams has completed his term.   Darren Hendrickson was nominated.    He introduced himself to the membership.  The vote was taken and he was elected to fill the vacancy from the spit for 3 years. 

The Annual Picnic is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of August.   We need a chairman. No one stepped forward to chair the Picnic.  

Jerome made a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:45PM 

Minutes by Jan Thomson, secretary. 

2016 Annual Meeting

BCCA Annual Meeting Minutes
Port Ludlow Fire Hall on Oak Bay Road
Saturday - June 12, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 12 Noon by President Don Williams


The board members present Don Williams, Jan Thomson and Rhonda Morris were introduced along with four new members.  Absent were board members Andy Koosman and Tom Moore.


The previous annual meeting minutes written by Andy Koosman had been approved by the board of directors and posted on the Bridgehaven web site.


The Treasurers report for the fiscal year ending November 2015 and the first six months of the current fiscal year, through May 2016 was given by Treasurer Rhonda Morris and approved by the membership.


The water manager report was presented by water manager Dave Mathis.  All systems are running adequately.  Our water is tested each month as well as special tests done as required.  The annual chlorine flushing is now completed.  Dave reported that there has been some activity in the neighborhood, with two new water hookups and three pending.  Dave also mentioned that new well pump controls will be needed prior to yearend, as well as a few other maintenance items, such as an upgrade to the pressure station on Blue Jay Lane and Peabody.


Jerry Deputy, our Marina manager gave the marina report.  This was a bad year for storms and various repairs will be necessary.  Bids to replace broken brackets on two of the finger floats have been received and Bellingham Marine was selected.  As soon as it can be scheduled the work will be completed.  We have 48 creosoted pilings in the marina that are reaching the end of their life span.  They hold up our wood pier and hold our floating docks in place.  Two different companies have looked at our piling and estimates have been received and replacement costs range in the $10,000 per piling range.  There are some things we can do to extend their life but the bottom line is they will need to be replaced starting in three years according to both contractors.  Don asked for some additional volunteers to help with both thoughts and ideas for the replacement process and costs involved.  This will be an active agenda item on future board meetings.    


At a prior board meeting, Jerry proposed to change the marina keys as they have been in circulation for more than twenty years.  During that time, property ownerships have changed, keys became missing-even a couple of realtors had them.  The board approved the change and asked for stricter controls and authorized a five dollar deposit on the new keys.  On Sunday, June 12th the new key system would be implemented.  If Jerry is unavailable when members need a key, Don Williams has a few along with the key agreement sheets. 


There are a variety of projects, most of them small, that are in need of volunteer help.  Check our web site for a list along with a contact for each one.


Stan Kriegel, our dredging project manager gave the dredging report.  We now have the permits necessary to dredge 1750 cubic yards and the window of time is October 15th to be completed by November 1st.  The Requests for Proposal were completed by MJ Griffith and Tom Moore and are ready to be mailed to prospective dredging companies.


Rod Mash has been working on Emergency Preparedness planning.  Bridgehaven along with neighboring communities had a practice communication drill as part of the Cascadia Fault Preparedness planning done on a statewide level.  We now have three Family Radio Station radios to help us communicate in case of a real disaster.


Joe Schwan gave the Architectural report.  There have been several improvements on properties during the year.  Their committee is in need of a third member, as Cindy Sterling, who has been on this committee since 2011 has stepped down.  If you can help, please contact either Joe or Marin Mash.


New Business


The BCCA Community Club budget for 2016-2017 was presented.  The motion to approve was made by Sandy Silver, seconded by Curt Thomson and approved by the membership.


The BCCA Water System Budget for 2016-2017 was presented.  The motion to approve was made by Sandy Silver, seconded by Nicki Jones and approved by the membership.


New board members J. Shattuck and Andy Koosman were elected by absentee ballots and the members present.  


Within a few days, when the new members return there will be an executive Board session to elect new officers, establish a variety of meeting and activity dates.  The results will be posted on our web site.


For the good of the order: 

  • There was an Annual Picnic Flyer at the meeting with many signing up to help Jan Thomson with the picnic scheduled for Saturday, August 13th.
  • Fireworks will be permitted at the marina on the fourth of July, weather provident and if approved by the board and also approved by Jefferson County
  • There will be cleanup notices sent to owners of overgrown lots/yards as they become a fire hazard this time of year
  • There will be a 4th of July dinghy parade at noon on the 4th for anyone interested.  It will start at the marina at noon.  See Jan Thomson for details
  • Jean Black who has been routinely sending shellfish samples from our marina area to the Health Department for testing said we have Zero toxins in our samples

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00p.
Jan Thomson

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