"Nothing Good Come From Fireworks


Fireworks should be banned for individual use and should only be for commercial purposes only! Nothing good comes from fireworks- Animals are tormented, children and adults run the risk of getting burned and/or hurt, not to mention the environmental damage they leave behind. They are a waste of money and you might as well just set a pile of money on fire! Even with rules and restrictions, people still do what they want. Think hard.... There are many other ways to thank and celebrate those who have fought for the independence of this country." - This is just one comment posted on, discussion under the heading, "Should Fireworks by Illegal?"  

Bridgehaven has been called a paradise, by so many who come across our area for the very first time.  Our area is so beautiful with all the sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful evergreen forests.  People love to shoot fireworks over the water because of the reflection, and the perceived safety.  But is it really safe?  And what of all the colorful junk that is left on the beach to wash out and poison the sea life and pollute the canal?  





Up on the hill, many residents get concerned because of all the evergreen trees that surround us all.  It would only take one misdirected rocket to set the whole Pope & Talbot forest on fire.  That's a very real concern especially this year becuase it has been so dry.  When we see the horrific damage caused by forest fires in other parts of the country,  we cringe at the fact that it could happen to us as well!  

et's all find a better way to celebrate Independence Day here in Bridgehaven!  


COME JOIN THE FUN AT OUR MONTHLY SOICAL!  5 PM is the time, the Bridgehaven Marina Pavilion is the place!  The whole communtiy is invited . . . meaning even those neighbors on both sides of Bridgehaven and your friends or family also.  Basically this is a great place to meet and get aquainted with new neigbors and greet those you haven't seen for a while.  BYOB (Bring your own beverages, alcoholic or not) and something to nibble on to share with everyone.  When it's cold, we will have a bon fire to warm up but you still will need a coat - we usually have a fair amount of wind off the water down there.  There are picnic tables so some seating but to be on the safe side you might want to bring along some folding chairs. Questions?  Call Nancy at 360-437-7663.

This is a monthly event to be held the last Thursday of each month through October.  We are also planning a New Year's Eve Party at the Pavilion again.  So be sure and mark these dates on your calendar.  



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